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THE FACEOFF: Week 3 (February 19 - February 25)

The 2014 season keeps rolling along.

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

If you've been following college lacrosse this season, you've noticed how crazy things have gotten. Lots of close games have been dotting the landscape (punctuated by seven overtime games) along with highlight reel goals and saves. Everyone's bringing their A-game, so that means THE FACEOFF has to do the same to give you another peek into the week ahead.

The upcoming week has a wide variety of interesting matchups: The Ivy League starts its season with some intriguing non-conference showdowns, Monmouth takes the field for the first time, top 20 teams square off all around the nation, and ACC conference play kicks off between two longstanding powers. If you were too busy watching all those "twizzles" or whatever they call them in the Olympics, now's the perfect time to jump into the lacrosse season.

As usual, THE FACEOFF gives you an idea of what games to check out this week, as well as a new top 20, all the results from the past week of lacrosse, and a look at who's topping the leaderboards. We've even got a few graphs to keep you occupied. So, let's dive straight in:


(Click to make it rise like the temperature (well, we can hope it gets warmer).)