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Lacrosse the Internet: February 15, 2014

Yesterday was for chocolates and flowers. Today is for eating wings in your underpants.

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

A Full Pint


"We lost Eric, and we talked a lot over the past year about how we're going to replace Eric," Tierney said of last year's leading scorer who tallied 78 points. "When we first saw Jack play, we said, 'We're back in the hunt.' Jack possessed all the skills to fill those shoes. Nobody can replace Eric Law, but we're a lot better at attack than we thought we'd be."

Bobzien was a huge transfer for the Pioneers this offseason, leaving Hartford for the Pioneers. His role in Denver's offense this season is going to be significant, and the way he played against Air Force signals the potential he brings to the Pios.

Lacrosse season beginning earlier and earlier
Here are words from Dave Pietramala:

"I would love to see the lacrosse calendar change," he said. "I would love to see us with a start date for practice on Feb. 1 and I would love to see us with a start date for games on either the last weekend of February or the first weekend of March. And I'd love to see us move the Final Four back [from Memorial Day weekend]. I'd love to see more lacrosse being played in warmer weather for everybody, and I'd like to see the most important lacrosse — the tournaments and playoffs — being played in good weather and when kids are out of school."

Coaches and their peers have the power to change this. Words mean nothing. Action matters. This is just like coaches spouting off about early recruiting: If a situation stinks, do something.


The first family of UAlbany lacrosse
Find out what "Thompson" is in binary code. Change Albany's zip code to that.

Ridgefield midfielder Dearth, one of Connecticut's top 2016s, set on Syracuse
There is no worse drive than going from southwest Connecticut to Syracuse. None.

Penn State gets commitment from Smithtown East (N.Y.) 2017 midfielder Burns
From population density to population optional.

Men's lacrosse takes precautions in cold weather
With each new season coach John Tillman has spent in College Park, his Terrapins men’s lacrosse team has opened its schedule at an earlier date.

Men’s lacrosse plays host to Golden Griffins
Boston University's first home game is today, you guys.

Keeping Face: 35 years after a 1-year break from the faceoff, the value of the X is still debated
If I see one more story that involves Syracuse and face-offs, I'm going to snap.

UMass lax heads to Florida for contest with OSU
Sounds like a nice lacrosse vacation, right? Keep that holmes: It's Jacksonville. Bring your tetanus shots.

Five ECAC Teams Take the Field in First Full Weekend of Lacrosse Action
This list would be longer if the ECAC wasn't a burning building.

Binghamton E-Guide
It doesn't even cost you e-money.

2013-14 Men's Lacrosse Blog: Richard Gabelman
St. Joe's has bloggin' feelings. These are those feelings.

2014 UAlbany Men's Lacrosse Outlook
Outlook: Pain.

Ryan Flanagan: What's Changed at Johns Hopkins?
Top of my head? John Greeley not getting injured.

Weekend Watch: Denver Travels to Duke, Albany-Syracuse and More
It's a major pain in the ass that DU-DU won't be on ESPN3 this weekend.

NCAA Notes: Examining Penn State's Explosive Start
There's more than Penn State tidbits in there.

#LMRanks Best Bets: NCAA Tournament Field (MD1)
Major error: No Wagner.

Michigan and Detroit Preview: Mercer
Good job here out of Tim.

Facing it off: Terps and Retrievers to meet on Saturday
The Terps and Retrievers will try again. After canceling last year's game to inclement weather, the Terps look to avenge a 2012 loss as UMBC visits Byrd Stadium for a noon face off on Saturday. Weather permitting, of course.

Notre Dame Looks To Maintain Successful Stretch In Another New League
In the last six years the Notre Dame men's lacrosse team has gone from the West (Great Western Lacrosse League) to the East (BIG EAST) to the Atlantic Coast (ACC), but one thing that hasn't changed during that time is the continual success of the program.

Kevin Rice: ACC lacrosse competition ‘as good as it’s going to get’ for Syracuse
Lacrosse at nuclear reactor potential.

Men's lacrosse uses recent loss to UMBC as motivation
Two seasons ago, the then-No. 4 Terrapins men’s lacrosse team surrendered five straight fourth-quarter goals at unranked UMBC in an 8-7 loss.

Men's Lacrosse Game 2 Preview: at Hofstra
I'm actually surprised that this will be MU's first ever game against Hofstra, as both head coach Joe Amplo and assistant coach John Orsen both played for the Pride.

Ohio State men's lacrosse hoping to bounce back against Massachusetts
The King will hold court in Jacksonville.

Bundled Previews

Alphabetical 2014 NCAA D1 Preview: Villanova
Alphabetical 2014 NCAA D1 Preview: Villanova
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