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College Lacrosse Schedule for February 14, 2014

Nothing says love like a slashing penalty.

Quint Kessenich jumped on a podcast the other day to talk some lacrosse, specifically of the college variety. If you need something to tune you up before the games start today, this is your jam:

Anyway, there are two games today. Here are your highlights:

  • Marist at Stony Brook: Stony Brook got somewhere around a foot of snow yesterday and is expecting more tomorrow. The Seawolves have cleared the field at LaValle Stadium, though, and are prepared to host an important season-opening game against Marist. (This reminds me of something important: I have long advocated the use of flamethrowers to clear snow. I understand that collateral damage is possible, but outfitting a grounds crew with flamethrowers seems more reasonable than driving an F-150 on FieldTurf and clearing snow like a boring dork. Flamethrowers, people. Think about it.) Both teams would love to start 2014 with a solid-if-not-spectacular win, and a victory tonight on Long Island would do wonders for teams in transition (Marist is looking to continue its good feelings from 2013 despite a revamped roster; the Seawolves are looking to find the edge they lost a season ago).
  • Mercer at Michigan: Reverse Survivor implications, ahoy! Mercer is already out of contention for college lacrosse's most cringe-worthy prize, but the Wolverines are on the razor's edge of potentially making a run at the crown if they can't drop the Bears in Oosterbaan tonight: After Mercer, Michigan gets a date with Detroit (possible win), then Johns Hopkins (nope), then Cornell (not happening). It's not until a swing through the southeast -- facing High Point and Furman -- that Michigan will square with games highly conducive to wins.

Here's today's full schedule -- it's exactly what's in the bullet points immediately above -- with links to things so that you can monitor the carnage (Wagner, unfortunately, is not in action because Boiler Room is on and yeah, bro):

Marist Stony Brook 6:00 P.M. LIVE STATS VIDEO
Mercer Michigan 7:00 P.M. LIVE STATS N/A

Leave your thoughts about the games or anything else (QUERY: If love don't cost a thing, why can't I get a bottle of wine through Obamacare?) in the comments below.