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Lacrosse the Internet: February 14, 2014

Chicks dig bloggers on Valentine's Day, right?

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

A Full Pint

Coughlin: Stats Affirm Notre Dame's 'Clutch' 2013
I don't know how much I ascribe to a concept like "clutch," but Brian Coughlin makes a pretty good case that "clutch" exists in the game:

Before we look at the numbers, let’s talk about the term “clutch.” Perhaps no sport throws this word around more than that of basketball. Fans argue about whether LeBron James is “clutch” on a regular basis. now even dedicates a portion of its website to clutch statistics. There are arguments that support and refute the notion that clutch players and teams exist in basketball. The lack of data does not allow us to do the same at this time with lacrosse, but there are teams, such as Notre Dame, that played statistically different in the final portions of the game than in the bulk of the contest.

While Notre Dame’s offense did not particularly stand out in 2013, it certainly did in the closing moments of games. In the final five minutes of the fourth quarter and in overtime, Notre Dame outscored its opponents 25-16. As a unit, its offense played some of the best lacrosse we may have seen this past season. On the year, Notre Dame finished 44th in unadjusted offensive efficiency, scoring on roughly 31% of its possessions. In the final portions of the game, however, the Irish scored on a staggering 45.5% of its offensive possessions, shooting 42%.

On His Back: Freshman Evans becomes next Syracuse player to wear storied No. 22, looks to lead Orange back to national championship
I haven't just beaten the Jordan-Evans-is-facing-maximum-pressure thing like a dead horse; I've beaten the dead horse, aimed a nuclear weapon at it, and sent the rubble to outer space. Yet, it's still one of the biggest stories of the year: A true freshman assuming the most notable number in college lacrosse. It's a situation that Evans will need to deal with throughout his career, and Evans' high school coach -- Jamie Archer -- provides the underlying foundation for why Evans' choice to wear 22 comes with complications:

“First I asked him if he knew what he was getting himself into. When he said ‘Yes,’ I told him, ‘No matter how much success you have people will always think you could have done more.’"


Maryland’s Fearless Future
Kind of upset that this video didn't feature bags of money with dollar signs on them.

Five takeaways from the Orange's opening-game win over Siena
The Orange can score. That much is a known.

Video: Men's Lacrosse Team Sets Sights on First-Ever CAA Tournament Title
Drexel can score, but can they stop anyone?

Red Storm Lacrosse Aiming High In 2014
Dangerous, dangerous team if it all comes together.

Men’s lacrosse aspires to bounce back
The Catamounts have been stuck in neutral for forever.

Commack (NY) faceoff specialist Snyder becomes Maryland's first 2017 tristate commit
When he graduates from Maryland, I'll be 41 and probably own a motorcycle. Yikes.

Georgetown Shows Increased Depth in Win Vs. Mount St. Mary's, Preps For Navy
Big game for both the Mids and Hoyas this weekend. Both took home "must have" wins in their openers.

Throwback Thursday: 1986 UNC- UVA
UNC edged Johns Hopkins 10-9 in OT in one semifinal, and Virginia took down Syracuse 12-10 in the other semifinal. This was the first year where semifinal games were played at neutral sites. Coincidence? Probably, but a neat historical note either way. This was also the first time two schools from the same conference faced off for a D1 title.

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