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Yale Lacrosse Schedule: Boola Boola

Handsome Dan is going to have to watch his six this season.


Here are some schedule highlights and games of note:

Ascots at the Ready
April 25: at Harvard

"Boola boola, boola boola
Boola boola, boola boola
When we rough house poor old Harvard
They will holler, 'Boola boo'
Oh Yale, Eli Yale! Oh Yale, Eli Yale!
Oh Yale, Eli Yale! Oh Yale, Eli Yale!"

Yale hasn't exactly rough housed its brandy-fueled rival in the two team's last 10 meetings:

2014 10-11 L +1
9-10 L 0
2013 11-10 W +2
2012 10-8 W +3
2011 5-9 L -1
2010 9-8 W 0
2009 8-13 L -7
2008 5-9 L -1
2007 9-8 W +1
2006 4-12 L +1
TOTAL 80-98 4-6 -1 (5-3-2)

Going back to the last 20 meetings, the Bulldogs are a mediocre 9-11 against the Crimson with an aggregate scoring differential of 160-179. This stands in contrast to the overall series history between the Elis and Crimson: Yale holds a 60-36 record against Harvard since their first meeting in 1882. The Bulldogs likely want blood in 2015 from Harvard, and to change the volition in the rivalry the Elis will need to skirt some ugly-ish history.

Holy Crapballs
March 2: at St. John's; March 7: Fairfield; March 14: Cornell; March 21: at Princeton; March 28: at Pennsylvania; March 31: Sacred Heart

Woof! That's six games in 30 days, averaging a game every five days against some of the best competition that Yale will face this coming spring. The stretch of Cornell-Princeton-Pennsylvania could define the Bulldogs' Ivy League ceiling, even if dates remain against Dartmouth, Brown, and Harvard in April. The saving grace of this push for the Elis is that while the month is hectic against solid opposition, Yale's two biggest road trips in this portion of the schedule are separated by a week, allowing the team to re-tool in New Haven and find their purpose. Concentrated scheduling like this is necessary in the Ivy League, but the Bulldogs will need to watch their six throughout this stretch if the Bulldogs hope to keep a meaningful April on their agenda.

Taking Stock
March 14: Cornell; March 21: at Princeton; March 28: at Pennsylvania; April 4: Dartmouth; April 11: Brown; April 25: at Harvard

Yale has quietly started to move itself into the upper echelon of the Ivy League. The team's trips to the NCAA Tournament and success in the Ivy League Tournament are obviously indicative of that fact, but the Bulldogs' reality over the last five seasons in Division I's wine and cheese conference has been notably stronger than the five seasons that preceded it:

THE IVY LEAGUE: 2005-2014
Brown 12-18 40.00% 3 13-17 43.33% 5
Cornell 27-3 90.00% 1 25-5 83.33% 1
Dartmouth 12-18 40.00% 3 5-25 16.67% 7
Harvard 12-18 40.00% 3 14-16 46.67% 4
Pennsylvania 12-18 40.00% 3 13-17 43.33% 5
Princeton 23-7 76.67% 2 17-13 56.67% 3
Yale 7-23 23.33% 7 18-12 60.00% 2

In the last decade Yale has gone from a doormat in the Ivy League to one of the conference's toughest outs. That's a crazy level of emergence, passing programs that had had significantly more success in the Ivy League. The Bulldogs will have a lot of work ahead of them this coming spring if the Elis hope to maintain their status in the conference.