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Lacrosse the Internet: October 1, 2014

Time to start bathing myself in fall beers.

Patrick Smith

I watched a couple episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air last night. Not sure how "Neon Everything" wasn't credited with at least a supporting role.

Bethpage HS (NY) standout Joe Tierney, Nassau's assist leader, will take his passing fancy to Marist lacrosse
Joe Tierney is living proof that it's better to give than to receive.

Loyola Alumni Scrimmage Report and Photos
Thanks to the one and only Craig Chase, we have photos of the Loyola Alumni Lacrosse Scrimmage! Lots of big name players made it back for the Alumni Game!

Class Three, An Inside Look: Mike McDonnell & Liam Bourke
Faceoff man Michael McDonnell and defender Liam Bourke are the focus Tuesday.

Fall All-Access: Loyola
The Loyola University men's lacrosse team arrived on campus this fall missing defenseman Joe Fletcher, attackman Justin Ward, SSDM Pat Laconi, goalie Jack Runkel —all 2014 first- or second-team All-Americans and part of the core who won the 2012 National championship. So, there are battles everywhere on Greyhound's practice field this fall. Goalie is open. The offense needs new contributors. Shortstick defensive midfield needs to find a new star.

Fallball Holes to Fill: Midfield
Fill them with cheese, just like the crust of a horrible Pizza Hut pie.

30 in 30: Thompson's New Supporting Cast at Albany
Get familiar with one Thompson filling up the stat sheet at Albany, instead of three, and one traditional braid flowing from the back of a purple-and-gold helmet instead of two. This is the reality for the Great Danes as fall ball and preparation for the spring 2015 season is underway.

Raiders Cutting into Cancer Research
There will be head shavings. Oh, yes. Hair will be shaved.

Colonials Set to Host Alumni Weekend
The Robert Morris University men's lacrosse team will be hosting Alumni Weekend starting on Friday, Oct. 3 as a part of the university's Homecoming festivities.

Adweek Hot List Readers' Choice Awards
If you could cast a vote or 10 million for SB Nation, that'd be great.