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Lacrosse the Internet: January 8, 2014

Travis Johnson talks about NJIT, my favorite meal means that I'll never play Division I lacrosse, and more.

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

A Full Pint

NJIT, Debuting in 2015, Starts Building Process
NJIT has to be the hardest job in the country right now. The circumstances that the Highlanders -- THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE HIGHLANDERS! -- are facing are ridiculously oppressive: NJIT will enter Division I play with only one recruiting cycle under their belts; the team doesn't have a conference and is going to need to pull together a slate of the willing (and the number of the willing is unknown); the school doesn't offer a wide array of academic offerings; and the program is -- in essence -- starting from scratch with just 12 months to act like a man. That's . . . a different kind of aggressiveness.

The good news is that Johnson is going to have 12 scholarships to play with and facilities to work within. Programs in a better position than NJIT can't necessarily claim that, and those two resources should serve the Highlanders well down the line. Until NJIT matures, though, that job will remain the most difficult in Division I.

Quint: January Work Lays Foundation For May Success
It looks like I'm never going to play Division I lacrosse:

Chicken wings and beer are not a recovery meal. The fuel you ingest and the rest you get are as important as the hard work.

I probably have that three times a week for supper. Sometimes I even throw in carrots and celery. Generally, though, a dozen wings and a couple of Sixpoints constitute the bulk of my evening food pyramid. And I rarely even change it up: It's the hottest wings available -- always delivered because I'm already in pajama pants and the kitchen is far from the television -- and The Crisp. It's a great time to be alive and slowly ruin yourself with wings and beer.


Alphabetical 2014 NCAA D1 Preview: Army
No Thul makes Suxa go something something.

Men's Lacrosse Adds Reyn Garnett to Coaching Staff
Lacrosse: Ending the American economic downturn, one hire at a time.

MAAC Presidents Revise Championship Format for Men's Lacrosse
This slipped through the cracks over the holidays, but the MAAC is going for a new postseason format.

Men's lacrosse announces captains for 2014 season
This press release was delivered while standing on a desk and protesting John Keating's dismissal.