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Lacrosse the Internet: January 31, 2013

The word in Richmond is "potential," Jim Marlatt is looking toward a great 2014, and 40,000 other things.

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

A Full Pint

Potential is the buzzword around UR lacrosse
It isn't going to be pretty for the Spiders this year, but the team seems to have the right attitude entering their first season of Division I play. The road for Richmond this season is going to have lots of bumps, but everything appears appropriately considered at this stage in the game:

The Spiders’ potential intrigues Dan Chemotti, the UR lacrosse coach who knows well that a relatively small, private school can become a national contender. Before his arrival at Richmond, Chemotti was the offensive coordinator at Loyola, which won the 2012 national title. He played at Duke, another elite program.

“I’m optimistic that could certainly happen (at UR),” said Chemotti, 34. “We’re a ways away from that day, that’s for sure. I certainly would hope to still be here when that day happens.”

Marlatt overcomes injuries to excel
If you're a fan of the Irish, Marlatt is saying all the right things ahead of Notre Dame's season:

“The most important thing for us is that we try to get better every day,” Marlatt said. “Obviously you want to win every game and win championships, but if you focus on getting better each and every day those things tend to fall in place. That’s something I’ve been trying to do since I got here and something our team does really well.”

Marlatt said, in addition to bringing Notre Dame its first ACC and NCAA championship, he wants to be certain he imparts two simple lessons to the younger players on the Irish squad before he leaves.

“It’s cliché, but just have fun,” Marlatt said. “We’ve got a lot of players on this team and not everyone can see the field. Division I lacrosse can be a very stressful experience at a tough academic school, so just being thankful for the opportunity to play is important, too, because it goes by quick.


Bulldogs sign Pressler to contract extension
I honestly can't see Pressler leaving Bryant after what that school did for him after the Duke situation.

Delaware gets commitment from Arapahoe (CO) 2014 midfielder Runberg
I hope he knows it costs $10,000 in tolls to visit Delaware for six minutes.

Ohio State men's lacrosse loses in exhibition to Navy, 15-11, after late rally falls short

The Top 25 Princeton Men's Lacrosse Players Of The Last 25 Years: 11-15
Hubbard better be number one. And B.J. Prager still haunts my dreams.

Recruiting: 2017's to UVA, Maryland, Hopkins, Furman; 2016's to Syracuse, ND, Towson, more; 2015 Verbals
In 2017 I hope to still be alive.

Rutgers Men’s Lacrosse Excited for the New Year
It's propaganda, but it's not totally ridiculous.

2014 Towson Lacrosse Preview Pt. 2
2014 Towson Lacrosse Preview Pt. 3
Get your brain straight on the Tigers.

UVa Lacrosse Now a Family Affair
Joe Starsia spent much of his childhood watching Virginia lacrosse games at Klockner Stadium. This season, he will return to the Klockner sidelines as an assistant coach for the UVa men.

Army-bound O'Brien gives St. Anthony's (NY) 17 Class of 2014 verbals
Saint A's is a friggin' factory.

5 Statesmen chosen to lead lacrosse team
Which lacrosse team? Team Australia.

Conestoga 2015 goalie Roulston commits to Drexel
Stay local, son.

Lacrosse community mourns loss of Bucknell freshman Joe Walsh (St. Joseph's Prep)
Just a heartbreaking story.

Men’s lacrosse players shave their heads for team’s newest member, 9-year-old Miles Root

Walrath dismissed from lacrosse team
Peace out, bro.

Introducing Denver Men's Lacrosse
In 2014, the BIG EAST welcomes Denver to the men's lacrosse fold as an associate member. A Division I member since 1999, the Pioneers have built themselves into one of the premiere programs in the country.

Michigan and Detroit Common Opponents
Get your Michigan lacrosse fix from Tim.

Salisbury School (CT) 2016 standout Gaudet selects Syracuse
His name is way too close to my name.

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