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Lacrosse the Internet: January 23, 2014

Ben DeLuca speaks about his future, St. Joseph's looks for more success in the NEC, and more.

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

A Full Pint

St. Joseph's looks to succeed in new conference

I'm not sure that the Hawks got everything they hoped for in their three seasons in THUNDERDOME!. Since leaving the MAAC for college lacrosse's fiery-explosions-and-eye-patches-mandatory league for the 2011 season, St. Joseph's went just 2-16 in conference play. That's an ugly mark, but it's extra difficult to swallow because, in totem, the Hawks' performance on the field didn't significantly improve -- likely the purpose of moving from the MAAC to THUNDERDOME! -- after their move to the death ring: St. Joseph's ranked 57th in Pythagorean win expectation in 2013, 54th in the same metric in 2012, and 60th in the metric in 2011 (the team ranked 58th in Pythagorean win expectation in their final season in the MAAC). Basically, THUNDERDOME! was a bad choice for a program that wasn't capable of acquiring the implements of death necessary to compete in that league.

The NEC features programs that are more in line with St. Joseph's status in Division I lacrosse, and that should benefit the Hawks down the line in terms of structured development. Charting a course for the stars when your spaceship is made of welded tomato soup cans isn't always the best way to get into interstellar adventure.

Ben DeLuca Addresses Coaching Future
Ben DeLuca is going to be a desirable candidate for any program -- except Cornell -- looking for a head coach this coming offseason. DeLuca understands this, and is patiently biding his time for the right opportunity to come his way:

Former Cornell head coach Ben DeLuca will be helping the U.S. National Team as an evaluator and volunteer scouting consultant and will wait out the 2014 college lacrosse season with an eye toward getting back into DI coaching this summer.

* * * * *

"My heart is still in DI coaching," DeLuca said. As for the present, "One of the silver linings of this hiatus is the quality time I'll be able to spend with my family this spring while consulting, speaking and preparing for the next coaching opportunity."

There are a handful of cats that are likely at the top of every program's "Must Interview" list. DeLuca is one of those guys, and he's probably going to end up in a solid spot once the weather turns from miserably cold to miserably humid.


#LMRanks: No. 16 Lehigh Mountain Hawks (MD1)
No Fantoni. No DiMaria. No mercy!

Canisius Names Captains
Priority One for new captainship: Mandatory chicken nugget Tuesdays in the dining hall.

Class of 2016 CT standout Fosse makes Michigan his choice
He's a Michigan Man now, which means that he's required to wear a sweater and read The Economist.

St. Joseph's 2013-14 Men's Lacrosse Blog: Entry Six
Spirits are high on Hawk Hill.

Hempfield 2016 DEF/LSM Blair commits to Maryland
He likes turtles.

2014 Virginia Men's Lacrosse TV Broadcast Schedule
Have a Cavaliers-centric life? This is for you.

Heritage Keaton Komatz commits to Notre Dame lacrosse
Four years in Indiana awaits. Indiana. Like, the Indiana that exists but doesn't really need to because we already have Iowa.