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Lacrosse the Internet: January 21, 2014

Kerwick goes on the record for the first time, Binghamton looks for wins, and more.

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

A Full Pint

Bearcat lacrosse aiming for winning season
Wins and losses matter -- they're currency in coaching contracts -- but victories and defeats aren't everything. What matters more than anything, especially for a program like Binghamton, is steadily improving and avoiding regression. That's a slippery concept to grasp when the data isn't readily available, but consistent improvement is ultimately the hallmark of a program going in the right direction. The Bearcats, unfortunately, haven't created the level of momentum that they'd like since Scott Nelson assumed stewardship of the program in 2012:

2010 36.07% 46th
2011 42.95% 40th
2012 31.69% 48th
2013 35.70% 46th

It's okay to grow slowly, but the key -- more than anything -- is simply to grow. Wins and losses are an indicator of development, but the value of the results only matters if the performance on the field matches a team's record.

Interim Cornell men's lacrosse coach looks toward season
I'm not sure there was anything else that Kerwick could say:

“[Ben DeLuca's dismissal] was a surprise for a lot of people, but I think for us, we’re a very focused group of athletes and coaches here, so I think we’re eager to move forward,” Kerwick said. “I think the biggest thing that we’re trying to do, Coach Milliman and myself, is focus on the 35 guys in that locker room right now and doing the best we can to help them move forward to the season.

“It’s been a challenge to keep everybody focused,” he added, “but the guys have been remarkable in the way they’ve focused on the strength training, the things they do well, the classroom, and the community service is as strong as ever. That’s kind of been our focus, getting to this season and doing as well as we possibly can once the whistle blows out there.”

This is a tremendous opportunity for Kerwick, but the opportunity doesn't come free: The cat is going to be coaching for his job every single night this season. That's a suffocating level of pressure.


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