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Lacrosse the Internet: January 16, 2014

Hopkins eyeing a return to the tournament, Hofstra opens practice, and more.

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

A Full Pint

Johns Hopkins men's lacrosse aims for return to NCAA tournament

That return may look different from previous efforts:

The goal is clear, Pietramala says: Return to the postseason and start a new streak. Now the team has to come together to see how it will get there.

"Every year is new. When the season ends, it's time to review your philosophy and how you go about things. What do you want to keep, and what do you want to change? We have done that," he says. "What's the old adage? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. We've made some pretty serious changes."

The story going into 2013 was whether the Jays could snap their historic Championship Weekend drought. For 2014, the question surrounding Hopkins has pivoted to whether the Blue Jays are in a position to run with 18 teams at the start of May. That's a different kind of reality for the most decorated program in college lacrosse history, and the Jays' redetermination of its own existence remains a hot issue as 2014 unfolds.

MLAX: Hofstra Begins 2014 Preseason Practice
This is almost hard to believe: Hofstra has missed the last two NCAA Tournaments. Not only that, the Pride has missed the last two THUNDERDOME! Tournaments. The team's 13-15 record over the last two seasons is almost inconceivable considering the history that underlies the Pride's program. I wouldn't say that Hofstra is in a gutter in Calcutta, but things have been better in Uniondale.


Alphabetical 2014 NCAA D1 Preview: Dartmouth
Dartmouth is in New Hampshire, which means that you're never going to visit Dartmouth.

Beneath those scars, Connor McKemey has an inspiring story to tell
Tough stuff.

Lacrosse Announces Addition Of Justin Turri As Volunteer Assistant
Turri will be working with all facets of the team.

Mountain Hawks begin practice with minicamp over the weekend
Working on the weekend? What is this, Russia?

NCAA Preview: Siena
It's a huge year for John Svec to prove his wares.

NCAA Preview: Georgetown
It's Warne's second season on The Hilltop.

NCAA Preview: Jacksonville
The presumptive favorite in the Atlantic Sun this year.