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Major League Lacrosse Collegiate Draft: Open Thread

Yes, the league holds its draft before college season begins. No, this isn't as weird as spinning plates for a living.

Jim McIsaac

Major League Lacrosse is going to make some thousandaires.

The Ohio Machine -- that's a real team that has uniforms and everything! -- have the first pick in the league's draft tonight and they're expected to take Princeton's Tom Schreiber first overall. After that? Well, I have no idea. What I know is this: 64 cats will have their rights assigned to one of Major League Lacrosse's eight teams, and those 64 cats will have an entire season to prove their franchises prescient or drunk on hubris.

The league will televise the draft live on its YouTube channel, but since I'm a swell guy, I've embedded the video immediately below:

The use of placards will start at 8:30 P.M. CBS Sports Network's Evan Washburn and ESPN's Quint Kessenich will guide you through the picks and which general managers should have their necks lovingly embraced by a noose.

This is your open thread for the event. Your feelings in the comments are requested. To get ready for this thing, people more sophisticated than me on Major League Lacrosse's concern have written words about the draft that you should read:

Let us all cross our fingers for many selections from Wagner.