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Duke Lacrosse Releases 2013 Highlights Package, Coaching Clinic Videos

Do you want more John Danowski in your life? Of course you do.

Duke started its annual coaching clinic series last night. Featuring John Danowski cracking wise about everything, the clinic videos remain the best thing to happen to autumn since someone decided to make beer with pumpkins. Honestly: Duke's coaching clinic series is among the best in the nation, featuring some of the brightest minds in the game. The lectures are accessible and interesting, a solid bridge toward the spring season.

If you missed the clinic last night, the Devils have made the discussion available -- for free! -- right here on an Internet computing page. Watch 'em.

Now, the most important thing about last night's clinic (other than further confirmation that Danowski likely does not own any clothing that doesn't have a Duke logo on it): The Devils have released their 2013 highlights package. I've embedded the video at the top of this post because I am a really good person. Enjoy.