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John Paul Talks Michigan Lacrosse

You know it's lacrosse season when lanyards are an apparel necessity.

Team Three -- we're all just biding time until Team 11 so that everyone can make horrendous This Is Spinal Tap references -- has arrived at Michigan. The Wolverines haven't had the easiest transition to Division I lacrosse after dominating the MCLA, but hope has assumed currency status in Ann Arbor, a powerful evolution that continues to illustrate where Michigan intends to be in the near future.

The above-video features John Paul speaking about how Michigan attacked its first day of fall practice. The below-commentary is general nonsense about the interview.

0:01: Check out that lanyard. John Paul is apparently a freshman at Michigan, keeping his ID card, keys, and a picture of his girlfriend "from back home" safely secured to his person. Where's the high school letterman's jacket, yo?

0:17: "We have higher expectations this year." I don't think this is just coach-speak. Michigan should play significantly stronger in 2014 that it did in its first two seasons at college lacrosse's highest level. The team's schedule for the coming spring will likely dictate whether Michigan can grab a handful of wins, but regardless, developed talent is starting to show up in Ann Arbor.

0:28: "Talk about. . . ." The dreaded "talk about" question. That isn't a question; that's a demand. I don't know when "talk about" shattered the existence of questions, but its continued use should come with a shovel upside the head.

0:42: "We've been doing some strength and conditioning things, some testing, some non-lacrosse related activities." I think it's safe to assume that Michigan has, based on Paul's comments, spent the early portion of their fall wrasslin' alligators with heart monitors attached to their chests.