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Lacrosse the Internet: July 2, 2013

Take today off. Tell your boss I said it was okay.

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

Conference Moves Become Official; A Look at 2014 Alignment
July 1 marks a new era in the Division I lacrosse landscape, as many of the conference shuffles from recent years become official as of today.

A grand slam: Time to update the best eats in the ACC guide
One of the most popular concepts ever executed on this blog was the Best Eats in the ACC guide from three years ago. The idea: Piece together a list of restaurants (cheap is a plus, but local is paramount) for each outpost in the conference and bring it together in one place. Well, the ACC formally adds Notre Dame, Pittsburgh and Syracuse today. And as a result, that guide needs a revision.

Gale Force: Thorpe paces Eagles' offense this season
Thorpe plans to play next season with Syracuse University, where he will have plenty of top-tier talent surrounding him.

Kellenberg's Quinn is a perfect fit for Marist's fast-paced attack
Quinn’s quickness and speed make him especially adept at starting transition opportunities.

Florida's Ferraro makes Navy his college choice
The 6-foot-1, 180-pound Ferraro is a physical and aggressive player who excels in transition, as shown in his highlight reel.

An Introduction To To All Our New ACC Friends (And Duke)
Lacrosse is the sport in which we get to be the entitled pricks we want to be as football fans. Duke might be on a nice roll right now, but a dynasty they are not. Call us when you 22-straight Final Fours.

Recruiting: UPLax Tournament Wrapup
A go-to recruiting stop in both the fall and summer seasons, UPLax took place on Thursday in Friday at a handful of sites in the Annapolis (Md.) area.

Today's beats: Some The National to move your day along.