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Lacrosse the SB Nation: June 4, 2013

Well, this is new.

It's not often that the fellas across SB Nation write about college lacrosse. With the Big Ten announcing that it would sponsor lacrosse starting with the 2015 season and that Johns Hopkins would join that league as an associate member, yesteray changed the course of human history (maybe). Here's how the network responded to the news.

Dominoes fall again, as Johns Hopkins joins Big Ten
In the process, the formation of a Big Ten lacrosse league will effectively kill the ECAC Lacrosse conference.

Conference Realignment: Johns Hopkins to Announce Joining the Big Ten in Men's Lacrosse
Just when you thought the conference realignment train had finally come to a halt, we learned that Johns Hopkins, who has been an independent in lacrosse for the last 130 years, is set to announce their intention to join the Big Ten in Men's Lacrosse, most likely in 2014, according to Ed Lee of the Baltimore Sun.

Johns Hopkins Officially Joins the Big Ten
Let's welcome Johns Hopkins to the B1G.

Big Ten Sporcle quiz
So after hearing about B1G Lacrosse, I decided to combine two of my loves - online quizes and obscure college sports.

Big Ten Lacrosse - Should Minnesota Join The Lax Club?
The decision for the B1G is actually a pretty easy one once Maryland joins the fold.

Big Ten Adds Johns Hopkins As Men's Lacrosse Sport Affiliate Member
Looking at the bigger picture, the Big Ten adding lacrosse will likely send the sport into another full round of conference realignment; not unlike the effect the formation of the Big Ten Hockey Conference had on redefining college hockey's Division I conferences.

Johns Hopkins lacrosse to join Big Ten; Big Ten men's & women's lacrosse official
In a move expected to lead to a men's Big Ten lacrosse league, the storied lacrosse (and academic) power are expected to announce Monday an intent to join the Big Ten.

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