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Did You See That?!: Wagner's Tryin'

The Seahawks make an important investment in their lacrosse program.

Do you read this site's fancy pants links post every day -- "Lacrosse the Internet"? You should; it's kind of the most important thing ever written on the Internet. There are all kinds of good stuff in that daily piece, and rather than watch it exist on the periphery, I'm going to make it even more important than it already is: Every day I'll pull out a story from the links post and expand a little upon it. It's called "Did You See That?!" and it'll happen as long as I remember to write it.

Link Post: June 24, 2013
Story: "Browning Named Assistant Men's Lacrosse Coach/Recruiting Coordinator ," Wagner Athletics

Wagner has a lot of problems, and Matt Poskay's 2-25 record since coming to Staten Island for the 2012 season is indicative of that. These problems aren't insurmountable -- it's not like Wagner's lacrosse program was privately acquired by an unscrupulous lacrosse concern, burning it to the ground in order to make that syndicate's other lacrosse ventures more profitable and control the lacrosse marketplace (I think) -- but the Seahawks have issues nonetheless. One of those issues is that Wagner is engaged trench warfare with 60-plus hostiles and armed with resources like six bullets that need to be shot out of a bamboo blowgun. Help, however, is on the way:

Former University of Vermont assistant men's lacrosse coach Ryan Browning, who has also served as an assistant at Virginia, Goucher and Washington College, has been named assistant coach/recruiting coordinator at Wagner College, it was announced today by Seahawk head coach Matt Poskay.

Browning becomes the first full-time assistant men's lacrosse coach at Wagner since the program was established in 2000.

Does this make Wagner into a six-win team in 2014? Probably not, unless, of course, the robot apocalypse comes and wipes out the entirety of Division I lacrosse, somehow bypassing Wagner and leaving the Seahawks as the default six-win national champion. It does, however, signal that Wagner is trying, that they're willing to provide Poskay with more assistance and resources to try and get the Seahawks into a stronger competitive position. This doesn't totally change Wagner's universe, but it does hold potential for the program that didn't exist before Browning's hire.