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Lacrosse the Internet: June 18, 2013

There were words about lacrosse written on the Internet. Read 'em.

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

Review & preview: Three teams flying under the radar for 2014
Three teams that did not have winning records could make some waves in 2014

Lehigh Lacrosse Photos of the Year
The Lehigh Men’s Lacrosse team had another terrific year by winning the Patriot League for a second straight time and making it to the NCAA Tournament.

Pratt enjoys thrilling ride with Syracuse lacrosse team
Before the start of the Division I men’s lacrosse national championship game last month in Philadelphia, Syracuse University reserve midfielder Matt Pratt took a second to take it all in.

Big Ten Lacrosse Will Be Huge
Big Ten lacrosse; did anyone think it would happen this soon? Suddenly a new powerhouse in lacrosse has been formed; a conference that could truly change the landscape of the sport. Most thought it was a few years down the road, but the Big Ten has shown that they have a real interest and passion about the sport.

It's Official: He's BAAAAACK!
Monday afternoon, the official Twitter account of the Virginia Men's Lacrosse team (@UVAMensLacrosse...give them a follow if you don't already) confirmed the swirling rumors that Chris 'Shocker' LaPierre had, in fact, been granted his medical hardship waiver by the NCAA. This news means the sole captain of last year's squad has one more year of eligibility left, and he will return to UVA.

Glory Days: Old-Timer's Thoughts on 2013 Playoffs
After not posting for what seems like an Ice Age. I have prepared a mea culpa comeback column — partly dealing with lacrosse’s own Ice Age — but before I release this into the blogosphere, I couldn’t help dropping some words on the recent national championship series, hopefully providing adequate representation to my constituency, the “cartilage free” crew.

Reader Poll: Effect of Rule Changes
About this time last year, the NCAA proposed sweeping rule changes — most of which would be approved and implemented last season.

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