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Lacrosse the Internet: May 18, 2013

Vitally important information. Consume.

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This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

Family tie binds Ohio State and Cornell lacrosse teams
Skip Van Bourgondien is in a unique position this weekend.

Johns Hopkins and B1G Lacrosse
Hopkins announced on Friday their intention to join a conference

Ohio State fine with going from being overestimated to being underdog
A week ago, the thought was that Ohio State -- despite knocking off 2012 national champion Loyola and Denver to capture the Eastern College Athletic Conference tournament -- was overvalued as the third seed in the NCAA tournament. Despite a convincing 16-6 victory over Towson in the first round, the Buckeyes are viewed as underdogs.

Four men's lacrosse games on ESPN this weekend as NCAA tournament aims toward Philly final four
It's mid-May. Your sports viewing options are limited. If you're a Phillies fan, that's a depressing alternative.

Bill Tierney: DU lacrosse "talented enough" to bring title out West
Three of the most daunting words in sports: Never been done.

NCAA Quarterfinal Anonymous Scouting Reports
With the promise that their names wouldn't be attached to their comments, here's some unvarnished opinion of what we might see this weekend.

Pietramala Targets 2015 for Potential Conference Affiliation
One hundred and thirty years of history as an independent men’s lacrosse program is a lot, so Johns Hopkins hasn’t rushed a decision about joining a conference. On Friday, JHU announced that after two months of research and opinion-gathering, the seven-member Blue Ribbon Committee, co-chaired by Jerry Schnydman (’67) and Chris Watson (’05), unanimously recommended to Hopkins president Ronald J. Daniels that the men's lacrosse team should pursue conference affiliation.

Denver Goalies Faus, LaPlante Embrace Splitting Time In Cage
Usually, splitting goalies is a solution to an unfortunate problem. One goalie isn't pulling away from the position. A coach has to work to balance talent versus leadership that needs to play itself out. Contrasting styles mean different looks. It's never quite construed as a good thing.

Quint: Quarterfinal Round Breakdown
Welcome to the money round.

How Will Ohio State Defend Rob Pannell and Cornell?
And now, here's a rebuilt defense prepping for one of the nation's best offenses featuring one of the best triggermen in recent memory in Rob Pannell.

MD1 Notebook: Tar Heels Staying in the Present
Marcus Holman admitted that, as far back as North Carolina's first stumble of the season, he was guilty of peeking ahead to parts of the calendar that should not have concerned him. Holman wondered what that 12-11 loss to Massachusetts on Feb. 16 would mean to the Tar Heels' postseason position in May.

UnCensered: Winners Haven't Been Afraid to Change
Last fall, former Lacrosse Magazine writer Matt Forman interviewed Bill Tierney about his shift in philosophy from Fred Smith protégé/quick slide architect/defensive genius at Princeton to suddenly becoming the ringmaster of the greatest offensive circus on Earth at Denver.

Cornell hopes to use emotional edge against Ohio State
With host Maryland ousted in the opening round last weekend by Cornell, Byrd Stadium could be transformed into Schoellkopf Field south for the Big Red.

ND Men’s Lacrosse Invades Indy! NCAA Quarterfinals Trip Day 1
The police overtook us about 10 miles outside of Indianapolis. Four cars approached our bus and the sirens came on. No, we were not being arrested. It was our police escort, coming to guide us to the hotel that will be our home for the next 3 days.

Yale lacrosse aims to match stick-wielding schoolmates
Yale has already had one first this year in a sport played with a stick.

Ohio State lacrosse: Alexander able to do little bit of everything
Over Christmas break on Long Island, Dominique Alexander put in the work he hoped would help him and the Ohio State men’s lacrosse team reach new heights. Today in the heat of Byrd Stadium in College Park, Md., they can make it happen.

Bulldogs take on No. 1 Syracuse in national quarterfinals
As most coaches would in this situation, Yale men’s lacrosse coach Andy Shay has been downplaying the NCAA tournament quarterfinal game against the nation’s top-ranked team in Syracuse.

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