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Lacrosse the Internet: May 16, 2013

Can you read this? Maybe?

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

North Carolina Shows Glimpses of Past Glory, But Focused on Present
As the top-ranked North Carolina Tar Heels make final preparations to face the fifth-ranked Denver Pioneers in the two teams’ upcoming NCAA quarterfinal matchup, it’s easy for many to doubt the ability of the Tar Heels to make it to their first Final Four weekend in 21 years.

NCAA Quarterfinal Ticket Presale Tops 5000 for Indy, Under 1000 in College Park
As of Tuesday, Sunday's NCAA Quarterfinal at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis had pressed 5,500 tickets and Saturday's presale at Byrd Stadium in College Park, Md., had pressed 865 tickets, the NCAA released to Inside Lacrosse Wednesday.

Detroit 7, Notre Dame 9
Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, so the Titans’ closer-than-expected loss to Notre Dame… well, it doesn’t count. Ain’t no moral victories in the NCAA Tournament. But yeah, this is as close as it gets.

The WSJ Distills Lacrosse: Scholarships
Ralph Gardner Jr. wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal recently, which was titled: Lacrosse, the Sport of Scholarships. In this article he talks about his lack of knowledge about the game, his inability to win a face off against Greg Gurenlian, and how the sport of lacrosse can offer the children of WSJ readers scholarships to play the game in college.

Cornell men's lacrosse offense proving to have plenty of depth beyond Rob Pannell
The Cornell men's lacrosse team has ranked second in the nation in scoring for most of the year.

Q&A with Yale lacrosse head coach Andy Shay
The Yale men's lacrosse team earned its second straight NCAA Tournament bid by winning the Ivy League championship. The Bulldogs knocked off No. 8 seed Penn State in the first round and will play top seed Syracuse Saturday at 3 p.m. in College Park, Md.

Could Baltimore become long-term home of NCAA lacrosse championships?
New NCAA rules have state officials hopeful to make Baltimore a long-term home for all collegiate lacrosse championships starting in 2015.

University of Denver lacrosse coach finds gem in Terry Ellis
Terry Ellis didn't learn about lacrosse until he was a freshman at Clayton High School outside of St. Louis when news of the racially charged Duke lacrosse case dominated headlines. An African-American woman falsely accused three white lacrosse players of rape, a story that got widespread media attention in 2006.

Lacrosse School? Why Not
Football remains atop the perch signifying America’s most popular sport. Over the past two decades, the country has displayed an insatiable thirst for the hard-hitting, rough-and-tumble game. Whether it’s spectating, fantasy football, recruiting or the NFL Draft, people can’t get enough. Anything that involves the sport is consumed at an enormous rate.

UNC men's lacrosse team out for revenge against Denver in playoffs
In the first round of the NCAA playoffs last year, the Denver Pioneers handed the North Carolina men’s lacrosse team a heartbreaking loss in front of a home crowd at Fetzer Field.

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