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Lacrosse the Internet: May 10, 2013

Today is probably going to take forever. Blame it on Thursday.

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

North Carolina Focused on Winning, Not Seeding
The top-ranked North Carolina Tar Heels have used the past 10 days to refresh themselves after capturing their first Atlantic Coast Conference title in 17 years

Lehigh Confident, Experienced the Second Time Around
They’d all been here before, staring at each other in a small room, knowing what needed to be done, and needed to be said. It came almost the same way, too, after an embarrassing loss that forced them into this tight conclave to reflect on who they are, what they want to be — and where they want to go.

UnCensered: Maryland-Cornell a Titanic Matchup
In early March, Lacrosse Magazine editor Matt DaSilva emailed me about a potential "Maryland and Cornell in 2013" story. The hook seemed right out of a journalism textbook: two tradition-rich programs that haven't won a national championship in nearly 40 years on a potential collision course for Philadelphia.

The College Lacrosse Tournament Gets It
This weekend will bring the start of the NCAA Division 1 lacrosse tournament, and whether you're a fan of an AQ or an at-large team, the bracket is set up quite nicely. Let's take a look at just how awesome this thing can be.

Swezey: Handicapping the NCAA Tournament Using Past Winners
Here's a look at handicapping the 2013 NCAA Tournament through a few categories from this year's teams compared to those who have won a national title in the past.

2013 Lehigh Lacrosse Player Blog: We Like Our Rings in Two’s
On Sunday, all of the boys gathered at the Goosey Gander for the Selection Show. Due to the fact that we had the AQ, we were all anxious to find out who we were going to play. I had many versions of my “Schmackatology” trying to find out who we played, but with every upset it changed.

The Misinformed Man’s Guide to Round One of the DI Lax Tourney
So, the NCAA finally got what it’s been wishing for; total diversity in the D1 Lacrosse Tournament. The lacrosse purists on the other hand, are scratching their collective heads, trying to figure out how the NCAA can have a lax tourney without Hopkins or Virginia, while asking us “who the heck is Detroit and what do they know about lacrosse?” Please stop with the emails already…’s a brave new lax world!

Men's lacrosse: Ohio State knows who to turn to for goals
At 6 feet, Logan Schuss is no giant. But on the Ohio State men’s lacrosse team, it’s not hard for the opponents to figure out who he is.

Today's beats: This is cool.