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THE FACEOFF: Week Thirteen (4/30-5/5)

THE FACEOFF: Shorter than ever but soldiering on to the tournament!

Bucknell and Colgate have a faceoff
Bucknell and Colgate have a faceoff

The conference tournament season is upon us. You can catch all our coverage here, including a lot of infographics coming your way later this week. But while THE FACEOFF gives you a tournament-by-tournament view, it also remembers that there's still polls being cast, leaders making leaderboards, and non-tournament games to be played. That's why we've got a bit of a shorter one for you this week, updated with the latest numbers and figures, as well as a look at all the games to watch outside of the conference tournaments (why yes, there's only three, but...). So, without any more jibber jabber, here's a look at your abridged version of THE FACEOFF.


(Click to make gigantic.)

Again, we'll have these bad boys up for the conference tournaments throughout the next few days, as we work our way towards Selection Sunday. Come by College Crosse until then for all your news and chatter in the world of lacrosse!