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Lacrosse the Internet: April 22, 2013

Hi! Let's be best friends.

Bracketology, Men's DI: Third Look, April 21
One of the secret benefits to a game-less Sunday — early Bracketology!

Swezey: Does Lacrosse Need Instant Replay?
The Yale-Maryland game on Saturday ended with Yale believing it had scored the tying goal with two seconds left and Maryland believing it had won the game.

Photos: Maryland-Yale, Bucknell-Colgate
Pictures are stories without boring words.

Syracuse men's lacrosse overcomes offensive mistakes to knock off Georgetown
The Syracuse men's lacrosse team started its game against Georgetown with a golden opportunity.

Pitch Imperfect: Freshman Bus Karaoke
Hello again, lacrosse fans, Notre Dame fans, and awesome blog fans. In this week’s adventure I take you inside yet another Notre Dame tradition. While the trip only takes place once every two years, it may be the most memorable team experience in my college career.

Maryland men’s lacrosse team beats Yale after controversial finish
Junior goalie Niko Amato was not among the five Maryland men’s lacrosse players chosen to sign autographs after an 8-7 victory over Yale on Saturday at Byrd Stadium. But that didn’t stop Amato from being besieged by autograph requests from fans young and old alike, and for good reason.

Men's Lacrosse Wins First-Ever Home Contest 14-9
The Marquette University men's lacrosse team defeated the University of Detroit Mercy, 14-9, in its first-ever home game Saturday night at Hart Park in front of 1,156 fans.

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

Carlson grows more comfortable
If one drives around the Baltimore beltway on any Saturday morning in the spring, you’ll find fields with youth games featuring gobs of future college lacrosse talent. Players developing on these proving grounds don’t just fine-tune their stick skills or ability to dodge, but rather evolve into athletes that understand the game on a higher level.

Today's beats: The new Vampire Weekend album is starting to leak out.