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Lacrosse the Internet: April 18, 2013

Do ya dig?

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

2013 Notre Dame Lacrosse Player Blog: Pitch Imperfect, Freshman Bus Karaoke
Hello again, lacrosse fans, Notre Dame fans, and awesome blog fans. In this week’s adventure I take you inside yet another Notre Dame tradition. While the trip only takes place once every two years, it may be the most memorable team experience in my college career.

Michigan 8, Ohio State 17
Last year, Michigan kept things very close against the Buckeyes, and although the Wolverines weren’t in position to steal the win, it was a definite sign of progress.

Detroit 10, Siena 13
This one hurts (I feel like I’ve been leading with that a lot lately). Detroit led 9-6 late in the third, and allowed six straight goals by Siena to give away a game that would have all-but sealed a berth in the conference tournament.

LOVE HURTS: Hobart’s star attack stuns Syracuse 13-12 to take Kraus-Simmons Trophy
The Carrier Dome was nearly empty one hour after the game except for the Hobart players and fans.

This Week in College Lacrosse: Rankings for April 15, 2013
Good to see you again, old friend: Chaos! You're back! We'd missed you!

NCAA Lacrosse Freshman Rankings, April 17
Lots of movement near the top of the Freshman Rankings update, particularly as Harvard's Devin Dwyer has amassed a wider resume and Duke's Case Matheis has moved regularly into the starting lineup. Picking between Kavanagh and Sanders for the top spot is an exercise in futility, and Sanders got the edge this time for the slightly better recent performance.

Family Pride as DiMaria Brothers Push Toward Playoffs
Dan was always a big, gifted defenseman while David was a late-blooming, smaller attackman. The DiMarias couldn’t be more different, yet alike in many ways. Both are in their final collegiate seasons, but took very different paths to where they are today. They’re trying to lead their respective squads — Duke and Lehigh — to the NCAA Tournament and maybe even a Championship Weekend matchup in Philadelphia with a National Title on the line.

Yale Out of the Dark Ages and into Ivy Spotlight
As a three-year starter, Yale senior defenseman Peter Johnson has been on board throughout the Bulldogs' evolutionary ride upward. And Johnson looked at Yale's latest victory as another snapshot revealing the fiber of a program revived.

Today's beats: Joshua Redman is the best saxophonist on the planet and it's not even close.