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College Lacrosse Schedule for April 16, 2013

There are two games tonight, you guys. Celebrate or something.


Important knowledge:


Anyway, there are two games today with action extending into business time tonight. Here is your highlight for the day:

  • Brown at Providence: "Buddy Cianci is a saint, alright? He got railroaded. I swear to God! This guy I know -- you know, just a guy, don't go spreading this around -- told me that Cianci was at this clambake once and an actual halo appeared around Cianci's head. I'm telling you it's true -- Buddy Cianci looked like the Lord Almighty as he was eating some little neck clams and drinking a Narragansett. Just think about what Providence would be like if Cianci hadn't built the mall or the fire water or anything like that. It'd just be The Dunk and my cousin Allison's restaurant over on Federal Hill. That's basically Hartford, and Rhode Island ain't no Connecticut trash. That much I'm sure about."
  • Hobart at Syracuse: This fact always blows my brain to smithereens: The highest attended regular season lacrosse game that the Carrier Dome has ever hosted was the 1990 Hobart-Syracuse tilt (18,458). That actually trumped the 18,244 that showed up in 1990 to watch the Orange play Johns Hopkins. While Hobart was a regional rival and still cruising along as Division III's most powerful program, it's not like the Jays entered their date with the Orange as some kind of scrub squad -- Hopkins was ranked fifth in the country and the two teams were coming off a 1989 season in which they met in the national title game (a 13-12 victory for Syracuse). And yet . . . it was the Statesmen that drew the Dome's biggest regular season gate. Central New York loves its lacrosse, man, and while this game has lost a bit of the luster it once had, it's still and important iteration of college lacrosse history.

Here's today's full schedule with links to things so that you can monitor the carnage (Wagner isn't in action today because it needs to organize its Everclear record collection):

April 16, 2013
Brown Providence 7:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Hobart Syracuse 7:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO

Leave your notes about the games or anything else (QUERY: If a state exists and its name is Rhode Island, should it matter?) in the comments below.