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Fairfield Releases Video of New Lacrosse Stadium

The Stags look like they're getting some new digs.

The Google machine doesn't spit out much on a search for information around Fairfield University's plan to build a new facility for its lacrosse program, but it looks like Alumni Field is going to look a lot different down the road.

The above video -- with creepy animated humans that walk funny! -- shows the kind of investment that the university is looking to make in lacrosse. While not a grand homage to sport, the facility looks sharp and its architecture perfect for the game. Let's break the video down a litte bit.

0:01: Ah, yes. Glorious Fairfield, Connecticut. The rolling hills, tree-filled greenscapes, the smell of old money that doesn't understand this dot-com stuff and thinks that Trudy at the tennis club -- she was only given membership because her husband has the most prominent seat at the NASDAQ building -- should really understand her place in society. Yes, Fairfield, Connecticut -- Anytown, U.S.A., but with local ordinaces that only allow smoking outside if the cigar is lit with a fresh $100 bill.


0:05: Phew! We made it!

0:07: "On the left is where you can park your Lexus. We have special Aston Martin parking via valet on the right."

0:09: I'm a sucker for brick facades. This looks really, really cool, holding that crescent feel that Schoellkopf Field is so famous for but utilizing the line as a gateway to the facility. I like the look.

And of course the video builds in an Audi A4 as part of the animation.

0:13: Nothing fancy here. Move along.

0:21: I'm just spitballing here: Toilets and concessions are fine through the concourse, but Fairfield should really spruce this up with some of the lacrosse program's history -- pictures, awards, etc. It's just a little dank at the moment.

0:30: KABOOM! That's how you hook a recruit!

0:34: The bleachers almost have the feel of those at Ridley, just not nearly as dramatic as the grandstand at Loyola. It's somewhat small, but the box at the top has all kinds of utility.

0:38: Chain link fence. Vomit.

0:50: That's right, it's lined for lacrosse. Shut up, field hockey.

1:07: See ya, later! I'm off to outer space!