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Maryland to Wear "White Ops" Uniforms Against Johns Hopkins

The Terrapins have officially gone Spy vs. Spy.

Winslow Townson

You really didn't think that Maryland was going to enter its date with Johns Hopkins on Saturday without the force of Under Armour behind them, did you? If so, you have received serious head trauma -- likely from a lead pipe being introduced to your skull -- and you should probably seek immediate medical attention. The Terrapins released their look for their game with the Jays (the 110th time the two schools have met), and it's a variation on a theme you've already heard:

Here were the "Black Ops" that Maryland wore a few weeks ago against Loyola, threads optimized for holding back the robot revolution:

Regardless of color, Maryland lacrosse remains just a lacrosse program and not a highly-classified and impeccably-trained military unit; the name of these threads has not impacted that fact. Although, as cladestine and off-the-record military units carry a high level of secrecy with them, it is possible that lacrosse uniforms featuring the Maryland state flag as a form of camoflage are the new vogue in the United States armed forces. Intrigue!