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College Lacrosse Schedule for March 20, 2013

There are a handful of games today with Mercer-Manhattan kicking things off at noon.


Mid-week lacrosse continues to do what it does best: Unleash crazy brain worms into the atmosphere until they gnaw at and render useless the melons of teams that are favored to win. Over the last two seasons I've lost count of the number of mid-week games that have moved from nuts to bonkers, yielding results that make your eyes cross and blood to leak from your ears. Last night was another iteration of unpredictable mid-week play, with Bucknell -- a solid team in the overall -- beating Cornell in snow-covered Ithaca and St. John's emptying the magazine into Hofstra's chest in Queens. There is just something about these mid-week games that makes college lacrosse go sideways, and I really don't want fancy scientists to invent an insecticide to kill these crazy brain worms.

Anyway, there are six games today, with action starting early this afternoon and extending into business time tonight. Here are your highlights for the day:

  • Ohio State at Notre Dame: The game has moved inside today at South Bend, and that unfortunately means no video of the Buckeyes and Irish attempting to decapitate each other. [sad trombone] That takes the shine off a diamond that was set to gleam on an otherwise decent Wednesday: Ohio State has a head of steam and is charging toward the top of the country with wins over Penn State and Virginia (and a loss to Denver that was thisclose); the Irish are looking to add another victory pelt to its already impressive collection that includes Penn State, North Carolina, Denver, Duke, and, probably, Stalinist Russia. If you had told me 10 years ago that two Midwestern schools would play the most anticipated match on a particular gameday -- with national implications! -- I would have told you that the tin foil hat that you're wearing doesn't protect you against the government monitoring your thoughts. And yet, here we are.
  • Massachusetts at Lehigh: I don't know which game I think is more impressive today: The Minutemen visiting the Mountain Hawks or the Greyhounds going to The Hilltop. I ultimately went with Massachusetts-Lehigh over Loyola-Georgetown for a simple reason: Whatever, it really doesn't matter which games I choose to pick as daily highlights. These are substantially similar games in terms of consequence and watchability, but one thing does stand out with Minutemen-Mountain Hawks that I think 'Hounds-Hoyas misses: Massachusetts' offense has been a bit of a tire fire over its last few games; with Will Manny back in the lineup, how will the Minutemen offense look against a strong Lehigh defense that now has its anchor back in the cage? Lehigh's and Massachusetts' seasons are ultimately going to be dictated by their conference campaigns, but tonight is a unique opportunity to watch a slightly deformed supergator fight a slightly deformed sharktopus.

Here's today's full schedule with links to things so that you can monitor the carnage (Wagner, unfortunately, is not in action because wet t-shirt contests aren't going to conduct themselves):

March 20, 2013
Mercer Manhattan 12:00 0.8080 6 LIVE STATS N/A
Bryant Harvard 3:00 1.7491 4 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Ohio State Notre Dame 4:00 4.1770 1 LIVE STATS N/A
Massachusetts Lehigh 6:00 2.7043 3 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Loyola Georgetown 7:00 3.0973 2 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Sacred Heart Hartford 7:00 1.5647 5 LIVE STATS VIDEO

Leave your notes about the games or anything else (QUERY: You're a real piece of work, do you know that?) in the comments below.