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THE FACEOFF: Week Six (3/12 - 3/18)

Infograph, hot and ready.

Winslow Townson

Do you enjoy storied rivalries? How about conference play starting in a league featuring six schools attempting to beat each other's skulls in? (Sorry, Dartmouth. Take your beautiful New Hampshire landscapes as your consolation prize.) What about "Classics" that are either relatively new or brand-spanking new?

If you answered "Yes, sir!" to any of these questions (which you should have as a functioning lacrosse fan devoid of head trauma) then you'll enjoy this upcoming week. Once again the "7 to Watch" is lying because of these neutral site events. Duke was actually in danger of finally being left off the list, then they beat Loyola and UNC winning happened and thus we're just like ESPN in the middle of college basketball season putting DUKE-CLEMSON BAAAYYYBBEEEEEEE! in some segment instead of an awesome mid-major matchup. So it goes.

Anyway, here's your weekly look at the polls, the league leaders, games to watch, and some other interesting factoids.


(Click to make it bigger, yo.)

As always, visit College Crosse often during this week's games. With big rivalries and events all week long, we can't think of any other way to spend your St. Patrick's Day weekend. Nope, actually socializing with real people at some bar is a waste of your existence. Besides, that's amateur hour anyway. And don't worry about those college basketball conference tournaments, that stuff can always be DVR'd for after you watch lacrosse.