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2013 College Lacrosse Preview: Drew McMinn Talks Robert Morris

The Colonials are your favorite team. This is a video about what McMinn thinks about them.

There is no team that takes excitement, wraps it in a balloon animal, and then detonates it with plastic explosive more than Robert Morris. They remain one of the true "More acceleration? More acceleration!" programs in college lacrosse, and for that I have a deep and awkward love with Drew McMinn's style and approach to the game. It's like he replaced the team's Gatorade with rocket fuel and somehow didn't kill his players, instead creating a style that embraces havoc and makes you adore the human condition.

Anyway, here's a video of McMinn talking about his team going into the 2013 season. Invaluable information about the video follows immediately below.

0:09 - 0:31: McMinn does not blink. He wins the staring contest. He always does. Nature! That's why I come out here.

0:44: This looks like a lacrosse internment camp. "Prisoners of lacrosse war are being indoctrinated into the Robert Morris lacrosse culture to assure that they live and act in the appropriate Colonials way of life. We cannot be too careful to protect the freedom and liberty of the lacrosse society."

0:47 - 1:19: McMinn does not blink. Are we certain that he doesn't have a serious physical defect where his eyelids are only allowed a certain number of blinks per day?

1:28 - 1:42: That theory is blown out of the water. That was 13 blinks in under 20 seconds. Like his team, his eyelids are explosive.

2:24: Just noticed this: Collars . . . up!

3:30: McMinn on the new rules designed to increase pace: "Yeah, [they] don't really change too much in our approach." I love this guy. Honest to God. More jetpack lacrosse from Robert Morris. They remain the greatest thing in college lacrosse, just going fast and having a blast and exploding the faces of opponents.