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2013 College Lacrosse Preview: Mercer Talks Mercer

Get your Bears up! (Is that a thing? I have no idea.)

I'm not really sure there's much to add to what I wrote about the Bears a few weeks ago: It's not about wins and losses for Mercer this year; it's about developing a program under Kyle Hannan and doing the little things that programs do at the Division I level. The Bears have a long road to traverse to leave the nation's basement, and this season -- year three as a program -- is just another step in the direction of finding game-in and game-out competitiveness.

That video up there features Hannan and junior midfielder Sam Grayson discussing where Mercer is and what they hope 2013 provides the Bears' program. Super important information about the video appears immediately below.

0:01: The hell was that? "Mercer Lacrosse: Brought to you by LOST!" Which explains the Bears' struggles as they continue to navigate Division I's waters as a neophyte program: They've been dead this whole time.

0:32: Look behind Grayson -- They really will erect a Starbucks anywhere.

0:49: Hannan: "I think that we're growing, considerably." FACT: Mercer's lacrosse players are either: (1) on steroids; or (2) been exposed to radiation which has altered their physical development cycle and probably given them superpowers and stuff.

2:15: "Winning possessions is a key to this game." Also a key to lacrosse: Orange slices at halftime.