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Villanova Talks Villanova Ahead of Villanova's Lacrosse Season

Mike Carrado and friends make words come out of their mouths about the Wildcats.

I'm fairly neutral on the Wildcats entering the 2013 season: the offense is probably going to be in a decent spot both with the weapons that Villanova has at their disposal --Will Casertano, Jack Rice, Nick Doherty -- and the unique basketball-oriented system that is in place, but it's the defense that makes me wonder exactly what the Wildcats' ceiling is this spring. There's some sweet there with some sour, and I'm not exactly sure that's the right kind of recipe to find placement within the nation's best 20 or so teams.

But that's just what I think about Villanova as the 2013 slowly begins to unfold. What does Villanova think about Villanova? That video gives you the details and the break down that immediately follows provides infinitely useless other thoughts.

0:13: Facial hair status: "Five o'clock shadow, bordering on making a decision about growing a mustache or goatee."

0:15: Hello, volleyball shorts! Oh-la-la! [creepy]

0:25: Facial hair status: "Three-day growth, probably can't get into a trendy club but definitely looking like a guy with his picture on the wall at a local eatery for conquering an eating challenge that requires the mastication of six double-cheeseburgers and a pound of fries."

0:28: "It's a lot of new faces, a lot of young kids." Is Jack Rice an employee at a day care facility or a member of a college lacrosse team? "Yeah, there's snot everywhere. It's pretty disgusting. But it's just part of the job."

0:37-0:46: Max Hart does not blink. He is stealing our souls!


1:43: "Strength of schedule is huge." Villanova is obviously going to war with China in the Pacific theater on special Wildcat battleships. Alert the Secretary of the Navy.