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Massachusetts Lacrosse Preview from Massachusetts Athletics

Learn everything possible about Minutemen lacrosse entering 2013.

There are all kinds of expectations in Amherst this year following Massachusetts' impressive campaign in 2012. While the Minutemen were named the preseason favorites in THUNDERDOME! for 2013, there are still questions as to whether UMass can put together a similar effort on Garber Field and beyond this spring. The Minutemen are looking to fill lots of holes before their season gets underway in mere days, and the above-video lays that all out in easily digestible fashion.

Let's briefly break this all down.

0:01: High definition video is outlawed in Western Massachusetts. It's a weird local law, kind of like parts of Arkansas where it's illegal to walk your pig on the sidewalk on Sunday. People in Western Massachusetts like their video to appear as if it was dubbed on a VHS tape or seen on television that only gets six stations over the air via an antenna precariously perched on the top of a duplex. America is the best.

0:36: Massachusetts apparently only played Colgate last season. The highlights confirm this. That's a weird scheduling methodology, but I'm not one to argue it.

1:34: Doesn't Greg Cannella look like your eighth grade physics teacher? "Force equals mass times acceleration, but mostly you guys are getting outworked by the kids in Mr. Johns Hopkins' physics class and if you keep up this garbage we're never going to get to Newton's Third Law. Are you happy with simply understanding Newton's First and Second Laws? I'm not. Take a lap, class."