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Introducing: THE FACEOFF -- Week One (February 5th - February 11th)

College Crosse breaks out its new weekly infographic-centric piece to tell you what happened and what's ahead. Behold the glory of the color wheel!

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

Here at College Crosse we've got a whole slew of weekly features that analyze aspects of the game, dissect the polls, and bathe in nonsense. I've been put in charge of making infographics that look nice and pretty and provide a good place for pulling stats together in a neat, clean order. Here we're going to combine the two in a new weekly feature -- published each Tuesday -- called THE FACEOFF.

So, what will you find in THE FACEOFF? Some badass stuff, such as:

  • The most recent top 20 media poll, crushed together so you can see who stands where and vicariously live through your team of preference.
  • "7 To Watch": Seven games that will probably be the games people will be talking about, featuring top matchups, rivalries, and crucial games that will define the NCAA Tournament picture. By no means is this the end-all be-all as there are plenty of other NCAA lacrosse games that are certainly worth watching; it's just your launching pad, son.
  • "Graph of the Week": A graph on something because graphs are fun to look at. Science!
  • Various Things: A few fun facts here and there to liven the lacrosse discussion. For example, this week you'll be able to see why we always laugh at the fact lacrosse is a spring sport.
  • This week only: The 2013 Preseason All-Americans: To kick off the segment, we'll give you a look at who got named to Inside Lacrosse's preseason First Team All-America list, showing you the nation's impact players that are bound to make noise all season long.
  • Coming soon: The Stat Box: We'll tell you who's topping the statistical charts at both the individual and team levels.
  • Coming later: Tournament Watch: This will illustrate who's leading the auto-bid conferences, who's safely in the NCAA Tournament (so.. more than likely the whole ACC and Johns Hopkins), and who's living life on the bubble.

Enough writing words you don't care about, let's hit you with the first installment of THE FACEOFF! Click it to grow!