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THE FACEOFF: Week Four (2/27-3/4)

Things go super duper this week with huge matchups all around. THE FACEOFF is here to help you out.

Mitchell Layton

Well, boys and girls, it's time to go crazy with lacrosse. Tons of rivalries and top 20 showdowns dot the schedule this upcoming weekend. This is where things really skyrocket and it feels like lacrosse season. We'll give you the explanations on stuff later, but first here's this week's FACEOFF Infographic.


(Click to grow!)

  • First off, you'll notice there are two 16's in the top 20. That's because the media poll put both Lehigh and Syracuse in this spot this week. Also, welcome Penn and Drexel to the color explosion. Both straight outta Philly, no less!
  • As promised for about three weeks, the NCAA has finally released their leaderboards, so we're giving them to you as well. Check out the league leaders in individual categories and team categories. Note that these stats do not reflect the games played last night and instead run up to Sunday's games (hence why Cornell's average goal total is super high).
  • Speaking of Cornell, their game against Colgate is the Game of the Week. The variables of a top 10 matchup, a regional rivalry, and Peter Baum versus Rob Pannell make it all GOTW material. Who would've thunk this would've overshadowed Syracuse-Virginia, Hopkins-Princeton, and Duke-Maryland all on the same weekend? But really, there's six games this weekend that are slam dunk, home run, whatever other sports terms you can come up with for games to watch, so the real winner this weekend is you, the lacrosse fan.
  • Enjoy the magic of poorly drawn smoke coming out of scoreboards.

Stick around College Crosse all weekend long for this huge slate of college lacrosse, because it's going to be a fun one to watch. (Plus, we have plenty of people kicking around to talk about them as well, so you can be all hip and social and have knowledge to spit at your friends later Friday and Saturday nights about the great lacrosse you watched.)