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College Lacrosse Schedule for February 26, 2013

There are 10 games today. That's a lot, friends.

Winslow Townson

Tuesday night is apparently the hot night to have a rip-roaring lacrosse party. The lights are turned down low, the beats are popping, there's a guy over in the corner that looks like someone you work with but he has this weird thing on his face and is it possible that he's actually a witch? Yeah, baby. Tuesday night is for hot lacrosse action only. When the calendar flips to Tuesday, you know it's going to be the sexiest lacrosse day of the week (behind Saturday, Sunday, Friday, and Wednesday, probably). There's nothing like sweet and luxurious Tuesday lacrosse.

Anyway, there are 10 (!) games today, with action starting early this afternoon and extending into business time tonight. Here are your highlights for the day:

  • Stony Brook at St. John's (3:00 P.M.): St. John's has played nothing but games thisclose so far in 2013, pulling out a two-goal victory against Holy Cross at the sunrise of their season and a one-goal magic trick against Yale on Saturday. The Johnnies haven't been quite as explosive as I anticipated at the start of the year -- I'm a burn-the-whole-town-to-the-ground kind of guy -- but they're moving right along with Kevin Cernuto and Kieran McArdle. Stony Brook, contrastingly, has been a bit icky so far this year, struggling against Lafayette and taking some shots to the nose against Marist and Virginia. The Seawolves are finding their way, but the path has been littered with errant branches to the face. The consequence of all this? The game in Queens today provides Stony Brook with a chance to grab a nice win while chanting "'Merica East, hoss!" and St. John's the opportunity to prove that they can either excel while playing with fire or that they're ready to take care of business when they're expected to. It's real Long Island versus fake Long Island; tune up those Camaro engines for the lacrosse show.
  • Hofstra at Fairfield (4:00 P.M.): Both teams have done a nice job defensively to start the year, and while the offenses have been right around average to below average, the story of the game isn't necessarily which defense will hold the most stout. No, pals and gal pals, the story of the day is whether each club will run at each other with tempered abandoned. The Pride has been in the national basement with respect to possessions played per 60 minutes of play; Fairfield was only marginally quicker than Hofstra in 2012. This year, they're both sitting around the national average. Will these two teams actually get out their running shoes and play about 66 possessions today, a pace that is a blur compared to how these squads would have wanted to play a season ago? These jet packs that I just sent to Southwestern Connecticut hope so.
  • Villanova at Drexel (7:00 P.M.): YAIS! Philadelphia, stand up!

And here's today's full schedule:

February 26, 2012
Lafayette Wagner 2:00 Link Link
Vermont Dartmouth 3:00 Link Link
Stony Brook St. John's 3:00 Link Link
Binghamton Cornell 4:00 Link Link
Hofstra Fairfield 4:00 Link Link
Holy Cross Harvard 4:00 Link Link
St. Joseph's Pennsylvania 7:00 Link Link
UMBC Loyola 7:00 Link Link
Villanova Drexel 7:00 Link N/A
Mount St. Mary's Virginia 7:00 Link Link

Leave your comments about the game or anything else (QUERY: Do you watch Tuesday night lacrosse with your socks on or off?) in the comments below.