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College Lacrosse Schedule: February 22, 2013

I'm on the road, but that's not stopping the show.

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

Me and cars don't get along. Don't get me wrong, here; cars are useful and everything. I mean, if I wanted to run down an enemy with a one-ton piece of machinery at a high rate of speed, I'm definitely using a car to do it. However, I cannot stand being in a car for more than two hours. I get antsy; the seat belt starts to bother me; I start kicking my legs around; I start playing with knobs and dials and generally start frustrating everyone around me. Long rides just aren't my thing.

Which is why sitting in a car for nine hours this weekend is basically my own personal death. Pray for my co-passengers.

Anyway, here are the evening's slate of games:

  • Duke at Pennsylvania (7:00 P.M.): If you asked the Quakers back in October if they were particularly thrilled with opening their season against Duke, I think you'd get a mixed response. Now, with Duke alternating wins and losses and not getting a victory in their two games against their strongest opponents to open the season? You'd have to think that Pennsylvania is throwing a party with balloon animals and a petting zoo. The Devils desperately need a win tonight, and I'm not sure that their game with the Quakers is going to be a cakewalk. There has been all kinds of juice on Mike Murphy's program entering the season, and with Duke not quite in a tailspin but not exactly crushing faces, Pennsylvania could get a nice one in Philadelphia tonight. (GameTracker: Here; Video: Here)

Leave your comments about the game or anything else (QUERY: Are the boys truly back in town or was it just to visit their mother for lunch?) in the comments below.