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Maryland to Dress as Soldiers of Fortune from Moon Base Terrapin for the Loyola Game

Under Armour will eventually dress everyone in a silver coverall with a fashionable purple "V" design on the chest. I'm sure of it.


Well, this is happening:

Just so we're clear: If Saturday is truly the day that the robots rise up against us, slaughtering us all in the erroneous belief that there is RAM within our human bodies (the life-blood of murderous robot overlords), Maryland is prepared to stand at the front line to protect our human way of life in specially-made uniforms that protect against robot intrusion. If that fails, the kits are also valuable as interstellar space travel uniforms, should we need to send an expedition team to the moon to determine if we can populate the satellite and continue the human race.

I do have to say, though, that these are light years better than the "Maryland Pride" things that look like a cross between vomit and a designer submitting a piece of work that was drawn while having a seizure. The comments are yours, Mr. Blackwell.