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Tewaaraton Watch List Announced; Congratulations, You're Probably a Nominee

90+ men's players dot the list. In February. (This is where I do that eye roll thing.)


The Tewaaraton Foundation announced its "Watch List" for the 2013 season, and I'm inclined to believe that the selection committee members ran through every collegiate roster (regardless of level), crossed out the players they didn't recognize or couldn't pronounce their last name, alphabetized the whole thing, and released the list to Earth and had a bountiful of feast of chicken fingers for a job done. 90-plus men's players dot the list -- let's be clear: there aren't 90 guys that the U.S. National Team would seriously consider for its roster for the FIL World Championships next spring; why are there 90 guys under early consideration for college lacrosse's highest honor? -- and I am to assume that only a relatively small subset of 20-25 cats are truly going to earn heat for the award this season. It's not like the Tewaaraton Foundation can't add names to the list down the line; rolling out 90-plus names doesn't necessarily define the field, it just name-drops without control.

Anyway, here's the juice from the "Everybody Love Everybody!" Foundation:

The Tewaaraton Foundation has announced the 2013 Tewaaraton Award men’s and women’s watch lists. The lists include the top players across all three divisions of NCAA lacrosse and highlight the early contenders for the 2013 Tewaaraton Award.

Among 2013 watch lists returnees are reigning Tewaaraton Award winners Peter Baum (Colgate) and Katie Schwarzmann (Maryland), as well six former finalists. On the men’s side, 2012 finalists Will Manny (Massachusetts) and Mike Sawyer (Loyola) are joined by 2011 finalist Rob Pannell (Cornell). Three 2012 women’s finalists Brittany Dashiell (Florida), Taylor Thornton (Northwestern) and Michelle Tumolo (Syracuse) all return to the watch list this year.

“The national reach of quality players is evident in this list, with players from all regions of the country, along with a strong group of eight former winners and finalists,” said Jeff Harvey, chairman of The Tewaaraton Foundation. “As the season unfolds, we are excited for another deserving group of Tewaaraton Award candidates to emerge.”

Here's the list which is longer than something that is very long and shouldn't be as long:

2013 Tewaaraton Award men’s watch list
Shayne Adams, Detroit Mercy - Jr., A
Niko Amato, Maryland - Jr., G
John Antoniades, Hofstra - Sr., FO/M
Peter Baum, Colgate - Sr., A
Jesse Bernhardt, Maryland - Sr., LSM
Jimmy Bitter, North Carolina - Soph., A
Chase Carraro, Denver - Sr., M
Brian Casey, Georgetown - Sr., A/M
Robert Church, Drexel - Sr., A
Ryan Clarke, Salisbury - Sr., M
Thomas DeNapoli, Towson - Jr., A/M
David DiMaria, Lehigh - Sr., A
Josh Dionne, Duke - Jr., A
Colin Dunster, Bryant - Jr., M
Tucker Durkin, Johns Hopkins - Sr., D
Tim Edwards, Canisius - Soph., M
Daniel Eipp, Harvard - Jr., A
Rob Emery, Virginia - Jr., M
Connor English, Cornell - Sr., M
Dante Fantoni, Lehigh - Sr., A
Brian Feeney, Pennsylvania - Jr., G
Kyle Feeney, Bucknell - Sr., G
Roger Ferguson, Brown - Sr., LSM/D
Joe Fletcher, Loyola - Jr., D
Cameron Flint, Denver - Sr., M
John Glesener, Army - Soph., A/M
Max Hart, Villanova - Sr., M
John Haus, Maryland - Sr., M
Jake Hayes, Robert Morris - Sr., A
Marcus Holman, North Carolina - Sr., A
Mike Huffner, Bucknell - Sr., D
Tucker Hull, Navy - Jr., A
Marshall Johnson, Fairfield - Sr., M
Peter Johnson, Yale - Sr., D
Scott Jones, UMBC - Sr., A
Austin Kaut, Penn State - Jr., G
RG Keenan, North Carolina - Jr., FO
John Kemp, Notre Dame - Sr., G
James Kennedy, Holy Cross - Sr., A
Hayden Kirk, Pfeiffer - Jr., G
Chris LaPierre, Virginia - Sr., M
Joe Lisicky, Lynchburg - Sr., D
Riley Loewen, Limestone - Sr., A
Zack Losco, Pennsylvania - Jr., M
Alex Love, Hobart - Jr., A
Corey Lunney, Merrimack - Sr., M
Derek Maltz, Syracuse - Jr., A
Brandon Mangan, Yale - Jr., A
Will Manny, Massachusetts - Sr., A
JoJo Marasco, Syracuse - Sr., M
Jim Marlatt, Notre Dame - Jr., M
Danny Martinsen, Siena - Sr., A
Kieran McArdle, St. John's - Jr., A
Michael McCormack, Yale - Sr., D
Sean McMahon, Manhattan - Jr., LSM
Scott McWilliams, Virginia - Jr., D
Brian Megill, Syracuse - Sr., D
Steve Mock, Cornell - Sr., A
Dave Morton, Robert Morris - Sr., A
Jeremy Noble, Denver - Jr., M
Sam Ozycz, Endicott - G-Sr., FO/M
Brandon Palladino, Dickinson - Sr., LSM
Rob Pannell, Cornell - Sr., A
Tyler Perrelle, Binghamton - Sr., M
Drew Philie, Vermont - Sr., A
Matt Poillon, Lehigh - Soph., G
Mason Poli, Bryant - Sr., LSM
Scott Ratliff, Loyola - Sr., LSM
Tor Reinholdt, Limestone - Sr., M
Connor Rice, Marist - Sr., A
Jack Rice, Villanova - Sr., A
Sean Rogers, Notre Dame - Sr., A
Mike Sawyer, Loyola - Sr., A
Brian Scheetz, Mercyhurst - Sr., A
Tom Schreiber, Princeton - Jr., M
Logan Schuss, Ohio State - Sr., A
Dom Sebastiani, Delaware - Sr., M
Eric Smith, Delaware - Sr., A
Sam Snow, Fairfield - Sr., M
Adrian Sorichetti, Hofstra - Sr., M
Lyle Thompson, Albany - Soph., A
Miles Thompson, Albany - Jr., A
Ty Thompson, Albany - Jr., A
Bobby Thorp, Cabrini - Sr., A
Garrett Thul, Army - Sr., A
Jeff Tundo, Stony Brook - Sr., M
Jimmy van de Veerdonk, Oneonta - Sr., M
Christian Walsh, Duke - Jr., A
Ryan Walsh, Colgate - Soph., A
Andrew Wascavage, Towson - Sr., G
Matt White, Virginia - Sr., M
Jordan Wolf, Duke - Jr., A

I don't know how this is all going out shake out in May, but I do know this: As much as I'd like to see a non-Division I player receive legitimate consideration (it's a shame that Sam Bradman didn't get a finalist invitation last season), it probably isn't going to happen in 2013.

What do you guys think about this? Who are your favorites?