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College Lacrosse Schedule and Open Thread for February 15, 2013

Your weekend gets started the best way possible: With Wagner in action.

Barry Cronin

It's a three-day weekend, everyone! Rejoice that American freedom involves extended non-working days due simply to the fact that America has -- and had -- people called Presidents, many of which were insane and all of which likely had to deal with letters from people asking for the country to invest research dollars into developing trees that actually grow money as a viable agricultural commodity.

Anyway, here are the afternoon's highlights:

  • Providence at Wagner (1:00 P.M.): The first game of the Chris Gabrielli Era at Providence happens today and the Friars couldn't have drawn up a better plan to get things off on the right foot: Visiting Wagner on Staten Island, Providence is staring a bitterly cold Gatorade bath square in the face. Wagner hasn't won a game this early in the season since March 3, 2009, when the Seahawks dropped Presbyterian -- miss you, Blue Hose! -- at home. Now, it's not like Providence is going to set the world on fire in 2013 (although, if the Friars lose today, partisans may get acquainted with a little thing called "arson"), but it doesn't take much to knock off Wagner (other than making sure pants stay in their natural un-crapped state). As for the Seahawks, if they pull this off today, the President's Day Weekend prophecy will likely be realized: Rising from the dead, Abraham Lincoln will wrestle Barack Obama in a "falls count anywhere" match in the White House to prove which president is the Inter-Presidential Champion of Time. So, yeah. There's a lot riding on this thing today. (Also, there does not appear to be an Internet stream for the game nor a GameTracker link. It looks like we'll all need to monitor this in solemn Internet silence. CORRECTION: Free Internet computing machine stream here!)
  • Detroit at Navy (7:00 P.M.): Navy uncorked a hell of an ass-beating on VMI last week, but the Mids may not have as easy a walk in the park this evening at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium: Detroit, while decent overall, has the potential to create some problems for the Mids. With guys like Shayne Adams and Jordan Houtby, Matt Holtz is playing with some talented eggs on his roster that could do some damage when least expected. Throw in the fact that February games have a certain quality that invites madness -- you need not look any further than Jacksonville's upset of Navy last season in the Moe's Classic -- and the circumstances are there for the Mids to get a nasty reality check in Rick Sowell's second tour of duty should Navy not come correct at home today. I'm not saying that the Titans pull the upset, but the Midshipmen probably aren't going to have it as easy as they did last week against the Keydets. You can get video here and if you're cheap, GameTracker is available.