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The Weekend in Stick: Things Happened at Places with People (Part II)

"The Weekend in Stick": It's exactly what it sounds like -- a recapitulation of this weekend's most notable. No doink.

Jim McIsaac

Part I gave you all the big stories from the weekend; Part II is all about the little stories that are notable and adorable in easily digestible form.


Hopkins pulled out the boomstick on Friday evening and ended up uncorking an eventual beating on Siena, 15-6; the Jays got all kinds of contributions from their midfield, which is important and/or a sign that the of the world is nigh . . . North Carolina turned back a dangerous Air Force Academy outfit, 16-8; you're not going to believe this, but the Heels' defense actually played pretty well (I know, right?!) . . . Come back, Kiel Matisz!; Bellarmine went into Western Pennsylvania and walked away with a 9-8 victory over Robert Morris; the play-by-play in the live stats interface does not indicate whether the Knights danced like nobody was watching after the game . . . Navy unleashed the entire stock of a missile silo on VMI, drubbing the Keydets to the tune of a 20-7 victory; I'm not sure what that result means, other than that Rick Sowell obviously hates everything located in Virginia . . . Ohio State broke open a 6-6 deadlock with Detroit (!!!) and pulled away for a 14-8 victory in Columbus; the Buckeyes may or may not be a team that makes you want to throw things at other things that you own . . . Bucknell survived a trip to Delaware -- it's a real state with a motto and everything! -- and stole a 9-8 victory over the Blue Hens; I have no idea what to think about Delaware right now after the Blue Hens were challenged by High Point and stormed back against a solid Bison squad after getting down 5-0 to start the game . . . Team Two played like Team One a lot on Saturday, seeing Michigan fall to Penn State at Oosterbaan, 11-6; the Wolverines' ability to hang around but not breakthrough is heartening and also face-melting. . . .


Mercer put the screws to Division II Rollins College, winning 13-3; the most important thing here is that the Bears took care of business -- business time! -- with aplomb . . . You don't just walk into Piscataway, New Jersey, and beat Rutgers in a game of lacrosse (that is not true; lots of teams do that); the Scarlet Knights hammered the Jaspers, 15-6, providing that the second year of the Brian Brecht regime may bring more happy smiles than angry scowls . . . Either Lehigh is light-speed good or St. Joseph's is disastrously bad (or both are somewhere in between); the Mountain Hawks doled out some punishment in the form of a 14-1 soul-crushing of the Hawks . . . Duke bounced back from its Saturday loss against Denver and performed amateur surgery on Jacksonville on Sunday, 21-9; the Devils got scores from 15 different players and OH MY GOD THERE IS BLOOD EVERYWHERE . . . Massachusetts -- in delayed fashion -- assaulted Army, 16-9; the Black Knights have work to do but the Minutemen may be stronger than many were giving them credit for early this spring . . . Air Force stopped the High Point revolution, canning the Panthers in North Carolina, 14-4; the Falcons avenged a loss to North Carolina on the back of five points from Mike Crampton. . . .


Your best individual performances from the weekend:

  • Backstop Circus: Matt Lindemann (17, VMI); Charles Ruppert (15, Robert Morris); Ryan LaPlante (18, Denver); A.J. Levell (17, Detroit); Gerald Logan (19, Michigan); Matt Sharp (20 (!!!), Siena); Austin Geisler (19, High Point); and Michael Wiatrak (17, Manhattan). High honors this week go to LaPlante for standing in front of an automatic cannon and not having his chest blown to smithereens.
  • "Five-Goal Club and More!": Eric Adamson (5, Denver); Jimmy Bitter (5, North Carolina); Logan Schuss (7, Ohio State); Nicholas DePaolera (5, Rutgers); David DiMaria (6, Lehigh); and Matt Clarkson (5, Colgate)
  • The Tom Schreiber is Killing Everyone from Everywhere Award: Logan Schuss -- The Silver Gleaming Death Machine -- put up 10 points on seven goals and three assists, basically destroying Detroit's universe with a smirk and a win. 10-point efforts aren't exactly like sighting a unicorn, but it is pretty special and Facebook pages should be built upon them for future generations to adore. Honorable mention honors this week go to Duke's Jordan Wolf against Denver (4G,3A) and North Carolina's Marcus Holman (2G, 6A). Strong efforts from both, but they were just horses with a painted paper towel roll taped to their forehead compared to Schuss. (Tom Schreiber was not in action this weekend, but he probably lined up some goalies in a laser sight just for fun.)

Do you have anything else to add from this weekend? The comments, they are yours.