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College Lacrosse Schedule and Open Thread: February 10, 2013

It's a loaded Sunday because snow punched Saturday in the face.

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

It's Sunday, you guys. College lacrosse and cantaloupe and bacon and, probably, pajamas because it's Sunday and real clothes are for days of the week where you're supposed to look like you give a damn. It's still the weekend but not really the weekend, but thanks to the snowstorm that ruined everything yesterday -- spring sport! -- it actually feels fairly Saturday-ish today. So that's something.

Today's slate is kind of a mixed bag with two "Aw, hell yeah!" games and some dogs. Your highlights -- and the complete schedule -- for Sunday:

  • Colgate at Bryant: The Bulldogs won't play a game this big the rest of the season, and with the Raiders visiting Rhode Island for the contest (a day late), Bryant has the opportunity to notch a monster win at the sunrise of its season and change the complexion of its campaign. Colgate, contrastingly, is looking to get off on the right foot and prove to Earth that they're ready to build upon the foundation that was laid a season ago where the Raiders moved all the way to the quarterfinals of the NCAA Tournament before falling to Duke. There's all kinds of potential in this thing, and it should deliver.
  • Army at Massachusetts: There are few things as fun as watching Garrett Thul dodge through an entire defense and -- somehow -- find the back of the net with two guys hanging on him while also braising a roast. He'll be challenged from the opening whistle by Jake Smith and the rest of the Minutemen defense, but could have a field day trying to feast on Massachusetts' unsettled goalie situation. On the flip side, Army is going through some change, trying to fill some holes from last year, and the Minutemen -- themselves looking for an identity in 2013 with new faces -- have the potential to lift itself from the launch pad with a nice trajectory.

Manhattan Rutgers 11:00 A.M. N/A N/A
St. Joseph's Lehigh 12:00 P.M. N/A N/A
Army Massachusetts 12:00 P.M. N/A N/A
Colgate Bryant 1:00 P.M. N/A N/A
Air Force High Point 1:00 P.M. N/A N/A
Jacksonville Duke 12:00 P.M. N/A N/A

This is your open thread for Sunday. Make sure to wash your hands for at least 15 seconds after using the Internet. People will be around to yak about whatever is tickling their fancy.

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