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2013 College Lacrosse Preview: Colonial and Independent Schedule Infographics

With Delaware and High Point facing off this weekend, we begin our conference-by-conference look at schedules with the CAA and the four schools with no conference affiliation.

This weekend's the start of NCAA lacrosse season! Delaware and High Point will kick things off tomorrow with the first game of the four month journey to Memorial Day in Philadelphia. This is the only game for a week, but we felt we wanted to give Delaware and High Point fans the benefit to get a schedule infographic, along with their conference mates or independent buddies, before they already had a game in the books. So here's a look at who the CAA (or as we love to call it, THUNDERDOME!) and the independent schools will be playing in the upcoming season. Conference games are highlighted in the team's secondary color, while neutral site games are marked with an asterisk (*).

(As usual, click them and they will GROW!)



Stay tuned in the next week or two as we cover the rest of the conferences in Division I lacrosse, as well as an infographic to kick things off before the first (somewhat) full slate of games the weekend of February 9th!