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Hofstra Lacrosse Schedule: Just Five Road Trips for the Pride

[thumps REO Speedwagon from a Thunderbird] "ROLL PRIDE!"


Here's Seth Tierney talking about Hofstra's schedule:

I can't tell whether this is the least effective hostage video ever or an effort by Hofstra to prove that there are buildings on campus which maintain presumably unnecessary railings.

Here are some schedule highlights and games of note:

"The American Highway System is for Jerks"
February 22: @Princeton; March 18: @St. John's; March 22: @ Drexel; April 19: @Massachusetts; April 26: @Penn State

Hofstra is playing 14 games this season but the vast majority -- almost two-thirds -- will occur at Shuart Stadium (a home for the NCAA Quaterfinals this May and not home to a football team). The Pride are making just five road trips this spring, and the breakdown of those games are relatively low on travel time: The date against St. John's is just down the road; the trip to Princeton is infinitely manageable (even with the 11:00 A.M. start time (breakfast sausage and slashes, everyone!); and the remaining three games are all against league opponents on Saturdays. That's . . . well, that's a serious disdain for using E-Z Pass. This could create problems for Hofstra in future scheduling efforts (return games inherently create these kind of circumstances), but for 2014 the Pride are hanging around Hempstead and enjoying the view of crumbling-and-barely-useful Nassau Coliseum.

Avoid the Fade
March 18: @St. John's; March 22: @Drexel; March 29: Towson; April 5: Siena; April 8: Marist; April 12: Cornell; April 19: @Massachusetts; April 26: @Penn State

Hofstra has struggled to close the last two seasons, campaigns that have seen the Pride excluded from the THUNDERDOME! Tournament. The picture is filled with blood:

  • 2013 (final eight games): L, L, W, L, W, L, L, L.
  • 2012 (final eight games): W, L, L, W, W, L, L, L.

Here are the especially scary aspects to Hofstra's difficulty in finishing their campaigns in recent seasons: (1) The five wins that the Pride generated have come against teams that went a combined 27-47 (the only team with a winning record that Hofstra beat in this subset was St. John's in 2012 (the Johnnies went 8-7 that season)); and (2) Hofstra has beaten exactly one THUNDERDOME! team in that subset -- St. Joseph's (both seasons) -- while dropping league games to Penn State, Massachusetts, Towson, and Drexel (the Pride didn't beat any of those clubs in either season). Starting with a win in THUNDERDOME! play -- which Hofstra has done in each of the last two years -- doesn't mean much if the rest of conference play looks like a Biblical sin. The Pride's inability to press forward at the most important time of the year has foreclosed Hofstra's ability to find success, and if the Pride continue this trend in 2014 -- and it's possible given the team's opponents over its final eight games, a stretch that features numerous top 20-type teams -- Hofstra's ceiling remains limited.