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Lacrosse the Internet: December 18, 2013

Quint takes coaches to task, be like Mike Birney, and more.

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

A Full Pint

Quint: College Coaches Need Leadership, Vision, Initiative to Stop Game's Woes
Quint brought out the smashing hammer for this one. The scorched earth left after this passage on the IMLCA's inaction around early recruiting is notably violent:

I'd like to think that non-revenue lacrosse coaches would formulate their own set of rules and guidelines and have the courage to stick to them, even if the NCAA guidelines allow for something else. It's about standards and doing what's best for kids — and the future of the lacrosse. As a former high school coach, I find those recruiting ranking and commitment lists to be damaging on multiple levels, a belief confirmed by one high-ranking DI coach who wished to remain anonymous on the topic. I have witnessed early verbals who have their eye of the tiger extinguished. Their goal was to play college lacrosse, and as a high school sophomore they have achieved that already. I have also seen the panic, anguish and fear that lists create for those who are still in the recruiting process, putting un-needed pressure on young minds and their parents.

Kaboom! And that's not even the densest shade that Quint throws around: The focused reality on the recruiting calendar; the outward disdain for February games (which more people need to start griping about; it's fun to start the season early in the calendar but I know that I have zero desire to sit outside for those games); and the complete disgust with college lacrosse's problem with drug and alcohol abuse. This is where Quint is at his best, and he took many actors to task.

How to Get to 114 MPH with Detroit's Birney
Easy: Attach a potato gun to your lacrosse stick. Duh.

My favorite quote from the piece:

Getting to a 114-mph shot was mostly trial and error.

So, basically, Birney killed dozens of innocent bystanders that were quietly watching him attempt to throw light. As they say: You have to break some eggs to make an omelet made of murder.


Souders and Buttenbaum named 2014 men's lacrosse captains
Buttenbaum, Buttenbaum, Buttenbaum, Buttenbaum, Buttenbaum, Buttenbaum, Buttenbaum.

Four Named as 2014 Towson Lacrosse Captains
Interesting fact: None of the four actually play for Towson (I think).

MISSION FIRST: A Mother's Love
My mother told me at Thanksgiving this year that I was her precious moron. So, that's something.

Half Hollow Hills West (NY) 2016 A/M Riley Forte, already a three-year varsity veteran, is headed to Hofstra
There was a story yesterday about a Half Hollow Hills West kid committing to Syracuse. This means war!

Men's Lacrosse Serves Community Through Semester Of Service
Do good!