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Lacrosse the Internet: December 17, 2013

Mercer grows the game in its backyard, coaches talk about stuff, and more.

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

A Full Pint

IMLCA Friday: DI Meeting Recap, DII All-Americans, Big Ten
A handful of agenda items were apparently discussed during the Division I breakout session of the IMLCA coaches convention this weekend, but one stands out as particularly interesting to me: the outcome of the 2012 rule changes and their impact on the 2013 season. There isn't depth in the blurb, but it is potentially a signal that some more changes may rest on the horizon:

The University of Denver coaching staff gathered the results of a survey asking coaches' opinions on the impact of the 2012 rule changes, and those results were presented in a packed session. A main point that emerged was that any thoughts on future changes need to be submitted to the Rules Committee as soon as possible.

It's the last sentence that is most telling: If action is desired, it needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. I am willing to bet large sums of other people's money that there's going to be a race to see which coach can submit a visible shot clock proposal to the rules committee first. That will almost certainly come up in the next rules implementation cycle. As for other suggestions? The possibilities are endless.

Mercer Men's Lacrosse Team Teaches Local Students How to Play The Game
This is where the concept of growing the game is most important and valuable: Mercer, a geographically isolated lacrosse-playing school, took the initiative to give the gift of the basics of the game to young cats that now have the opportunity to pursue the game further. The Bears aren't just giving back to their community; they're giving back to the game itself.

Now, there are program-growth benefits in participating in a program like this, but they're subordinated behind the good that doing something like this creates. Good on you, Mercer.


Half Hollow Hills East (NY) star DiPietro will take his size, skills to Syracuse
A Long Island kid going to Syracuse?! No way!

Greenwich (CT) 2016 midfielder on his college choice: 'Providence just felt right'
I've been to Providence lots of times. Nothing feels right there. It's like Hartford wrapped in Christmas lights but unlike Hartford, all the lights actually work.

Lehigh University men's lacrosse team to play in event benefiting HEADstrong Foundation
Do good.

2014 Face-Off Yearbook All-Name Team, Powered by Flow Society
Read this while wearing a monocle.

2014 Face-Off Yearbook: Big East Rankings, Outlook
Isn't every article ever written about the Big East in any capacity supposed to reference Dave Gavitt? Or has ESPN's Dana O'Neil been lying to me this whole time?