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Lacrosse the Internet: December 13, 2013

I'm currently on pace to do all of my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. As usual.

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

A Full Pint

'We're At A Point of Crisis': Early Recruiting Remains Hot Topic For IMLCA
I feel like I should have developed feelings about early recruiting. This has been one of the hottest topics in college lacrosse the last few seasons and yet I find myself decidedly neutral as to whether early recruiting is fine or the blood of the Antichrist. That's . . . weird.

I think my lack of a definitive position on early recruiting is that I have trouble reconciling two competing thoughts: (1) People should be free to make decisions as long as those decisions don't injure others; and (2) The opportunity to make decisions often creates disastrous consequences. With respect to the first thought: Many young individuals are perfectly capable of making a decision that impacts their future in tangible and meaningful ways; with respect to the second thought: Many young individuals aren't capable of making a decision that impacts their future in tangible and meaningful ways. There's no apparent bridge between the two competing thoughts, and that's probably why blood leaks out of my ears when I think about early recruiting.


2014 Face-Off Yearbook: ACC Rankings, Outlook
The ACC logo should just be skull and crossbones.

Siena Lacrosse Names Captains
Siena Lacrosse Head Coach John Svec has named four student athletes as his program's 2014 team captains. Red-shirt seniors Mike Battaglia and Kyle Curry, red-shirt junior Richie Hurley and junior Ryan Mallon have been selected to lead the team both on and off the field this spring.

Jim Marlatt And Stephen O'Hara To Captain The Irish
Strong leadership usually is an essential part of any successful team and this season's Notre Dame men's lacrosse squad will look to seniors Jim Marlatt and Stephen O'Hara to set the tone for the upcoming campaign. Marlatt, a midfielder, and O'Hara, a defenseman, have been selected team captains for the 2014 season, which will be Notre Dame's first as a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Lars Tiffany to Speak at US Lacrosse Convention
Does Lars Tiffany have the most Bond villain name in Division I lacrosse?

St. Anthony's (NY) Bucknell-bound "Gooch" Senerchia is tristate's second Class of 2017 commit
Committing to Bucknell should come with day-glow hunting gear.