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Yale Talks Yale Ahead of Yale's 2013 Lacrosse Season

None of these scenes were shot in Nantucket, unfortunately.

The Ivy League is allowed to get underway with their spring preparation period tomorrow -- as you know, it's totally gauche to show up to a party early, Sterling -- and Yale isn't missing out on the fun. The Elis are looking to follow up a strong 2012 campaign in which the Bulldogs won the Ivy League Tournament and advanced to the NCAA Tournament, only to fall to Notre Dame in the first round. Yale has issues to overcome in 2013 if it hopes to topple Cornell and Princeton in college lacrosse's helmet-and-tie social club, notably the losses of Matt Gibson, Deron Dempster, and Greg Mahony, but there's still a lot at Andy Shay's disposal to stay competitive nationally.

Let's break down the video:

0:12: "We're going to interview you for this Yale video." "Cool, should I look like I'm going to go to the yacht races later?" "Yes." "Cool. Should I bring my brandy snifter or will you provide one?" "No brandy snifters." "Drats."

0:40: "We're going to interview you for this Yale video." "Cool, should I look like I'm riding on the back of a truck like a day laborer?" "Yes." "Cool. Should I bring my own Bud Light Lime or will you provide it?" "No Bud Light Lime." "Drats."

1:00: White picket fences at practice. Yale is rockin' the suburbs, son.

1:28: "The weight room this fall has been unbelievable." Please tell me that means that someone hung a piñata by the leg press. Candy for everyone!

2:38: "As always, our league is a dog fight." Actually, it's more like a catty tennis club function where character assassination is almost as acceptable as the lobster bisque.