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Matt Poskay Talks Wagner's Upcoming Season

The Staten Island Bear is poised to rise. (Maybe.)

Only one breakdown point is necessary:

0:15: "We're working hard, and that's all you can ask is to work hard." That's exactly why I'm insanely obsessed with Wagner. Every day the Seahawks come to work, put in the effort, and the results haven't followed. It has been a Greek tragedy on Staten Island, and that's what makes Wagner lacrosse such an interesting subject to follow and write about. The narrative that is built around the Seahawks' struggles isn't intended as a vehicle for cruelty, but rather to support and heighten the pathos inherent in Wagner's proclivity to lose games. There is a pursuit to do right, to accomplish great things; yet, the Seahawks can't surmount the opposition.

These circumstances create just about the most compelling story in Division I college lacrosse, and it's unfortunate that it's a tale built upon failure. If the results flip, however, the narrative becomes heart-warming and embraceable. This is why a two-win season for Wagner in 2013 -- for any other program, a feat akin to brushing your teeth or not defecting in the kitchen trashcan -- would arguably be among the top five stories of the this upcoming season, regardless of whatever else happens this spring.