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College Crosse Infographs 2013 Preview

Last season we brought the graphical goods. This season we're bringing them back and then some.

As you can see, we went pretty hardcore with this stuff last season
As you can see, we went pretty hardcore with this stuff last season

Last spring, College Crosse brought to you infographic material to enhance your NCAA lacrosse experience. This was highlighted during the conference and NCAA tournaments with comprehensive infographs that showed the history of these competitions, as well as a breakdown of the teams involved and the matchups that were about to faceoff.

In 2013, there's more infographical fun to go around. Here's some of the stuff you can expect as we go through the season.


  • Season Setup: We'll break down the top 20 in the preseason media poll as well as this season's first team All-Americans.

Regular Season

  • Weekend Wrap Up: Around every Tuesday, we'll give you a nice little organized graphic for the new top 20 in the media poll, show you some of the week's top performers, and set you up for the week ahead with games to watch the next seven days. As always, come by Monday for analysis of the polls. We're just making it all fancy with logos and stuff the next day.
  • Various Stuff: Through the season we may come up with some other ideas for graphics, so stay tuned for things such as graphs charting teams performances or insights into some of the top matchups around the world of college lacrosse.


  • Basically the same comprehensive infographics as last year: We'll probably not have all those fancy dots as we're just going to add on to what was on last year's previews, but we're still going to set you up for each and every conference tournament and each round of the NCAA Tournament. From the America East to the Patriot League, we here at College Crosse have all the bases covered once again come late April and all of May to get you all prepared for the most wonderful time of the year for a lacrosse fan.

So stick around throughout the season here at College Crosse for some graphical whimsy and graphs and dots and stuff as we go on the journey that is the 2013 college lacrosse season!